Dutch Investigations Shut Down Seven Online Gambling Sites

Posted on: June 9, 2013, 05:53h. 

Last updated on: June 9, 2013, 03:54h.

dutch_lion_netherlands_flagDespite Holland veering more and more towards legalizing online gambling, seven Dutch online casinos were taken offline recently as a result of allegations of money laundering. In addition, three men were detained in order to assist the authorities in their investigations.

Three Suspected in Money Laundering Scheme

Brothers Michel and Maurice Gregoire, along with Stijn Flapper, were reportedly assisting the police to further the operation, which is said to involve the laundering of huge sums of money from drug trade by disguising it via traffic through illegal online gambling operations.

As the case has progressed, allegations against the Gregoire brothers have continued to mount, as the pair are also reportedly shareholders in several Dutch property companies, own a multimillion euro online payment company, as well as extensive luxuries in Spain including villas, boats and high-end vehicles, all amounting to millions of euros worth between them. The suspects also may own a multimillion euro online payment company titled Teletik, which is now being looked at by authorities. The National Prosecution Service and the Public Prosecutor’s Office, alongside the Dutch kansspelautoiteit, are now reported to be investigating whether or not the brothers have afforded their lavish lifestyle through association with illegal money streams.

A total of 150 police officers were reported to be involved in the operation, which saw raiding parties, along with two judge-commissioners, paying visits to suspected premises in the Eindhoven area, reported Casino.nl.

Accounts and Property Seized, Sites Shut Down

Aside from detaining the three alleged illegal operators, the recent sting also resulted in the seizure of 100 bank accounts, 70 business and residential properties, and 20 vehicles throughout Holland, Germany, Spain and Belgium.

AmsterdamsCasino, AmsterdamsPoker, Tanzoo, TripleGold, Fruitluck, Golden10Casino and JackpotRed have all been shut down due to the possibility of illegal activity.

Defending the trio, the brothers’ attorney stated that authorities have “exaggerated” the siblings actions, and that the three accused intend to challenge the allegations made against them.