Casinos Austria Signs Nagasaki IR Pact, Second Japan City with Resort Deal

Posted on: August 30, 2021, 09:46h. 

Last updated on: August 30, 2021, 10:52h.

It’s official. Casinos Austria will develop the integrated resort (IR) in Nagasaki, Japan.

Casinos Austria Japan casino IR Nagasaki
A rendering of the integrated resort concept in Nagasaki, presented by Casinos Austria. The towering casino stands tall over Sasebo City in the rendering. (Image: Nagasaki Prefecture)

The consortium led by Casinos Austria and prefecture officials confirmed today that both parties have signed the proposed IR development agreement. The project targets Nagasaki’s Sasebo City and the leisure region’s Huis Ten Bosch Dutch theme park.

Casinos Austria International Japan, the company’s operating subsidiary in Japan, is a group that involves global hotel giant Hyatt Group.

We have signed a basic agreement with Casinos Austria International Japan on August 30,” an official prefecture release explained.

“We will now proceed with the area development plan to be submitted for approval before April 28 of next year,” added Nagasaki Gov. Hodo Nakamura.

Nagasaki is the second prefecture in Japan to confirm an IR development agreement. Last week, Wakayama came to terms with its IR partner Clairvest Group.

IR Process

Japan’s central government legalized up to three commercial gambling IR facilities in the summer of 2018. The country’s legislature has been since mulling over various aspects of the forthcoming industry, including the licensing process and gambling regulations.

Japan’s Casino Administration Committee will begin fielding IR pitches from prefectures/cities and their respective IR developer on October 1, 2021. Applications will be accepted through April 28, 2022. Casinos Austria Japan has proposed a JYP350 billion (US$3.2 billion) integrated resort scheme on adjacent land next to the Huis Ten Bosch amusement park.

The consortium’s prefecture development agreement requires various minimum features, including:

  • Casino floor measuring at least 9,000 square meters (96,875 square feet)
  • Minimum of 2,000 slot machines and 200 table games
  • Several hotels that offer casual to luxury rooms
  • Exhibition space of at least 20,000 square meters
  • Concert/entertainment venue with at least 6,000 seats
  • Various attractions that appeal to a wide range of patrons
  • Design that incorporates European and Japanese elements

Gov. Nakamura hopes the IR will rejuvenate the prefecture economy in the wake of COVID-19.

“The Nagasaki IR will vitalize the local economy and tourism industry affected by COVID-19, and also contribute to the development of the Kyushu region and furthermore our country,” the governor declared.

Kyushu is the third-largest of Japan’s five main islands. Measuring approximately 14,200 square miles, Kyushu is the most southern of the bunch. With a population of 13.3 million people, Kyushu accounts for roughly 11 percent of Japan’s total population.

Casino Safeguards

A core component of the Nagasaki IR is making sure the casino doesn’t harm society within the prefecture. With the resort destination forecast to attract 8.4 million visitors annually, government officials are requiring that the casino come with a variety of public defenses.

Nagasaki’s IR development agreement requires the prefecture to conduct a rigorous and in-depth background check of all prominent individuals involved, as well as the operating history of both Casinos Austria and Hyatt. The potential casino must also implement a “gambling addiction countermeasure management” system that is similar to the best practices utilized throughout Europe.

“We will work to realize the Kyushu-Nagasaki IR with the highest regard for strict measures to mitigate public concerns, such as gambling addiction,” Gov. Nakamura declared.