1XBet Cofounder Sergey Karshkov Dies in Hospital ‘Mishap’

Posted on: June 22, 2023, 03:42h. 

Last updated on: June 22, 2023, 09:44h.

In an unexpected turn of events in the gaming industry, Sergey Karshkov, the co-founder of the gaming operator 1xBet, has passed away. The 42-year-old allegedly died while undergoing a medical procedure in Switzerland.

1xBet cofounder Sergey Karshkov at a gaming industry event
1xBet co-founder Sergey Karshkov at a gaming industry event. Karshkov died under suspicious circumstances at a hospital in Switzerland. (Image: Bryansk News)

Karshkov’s sudden demise has sent shockwaves through the gaming industry and left a void in the company he helped build. The details surrounding his death remain scarce, but it’s been confirmed that he was in Switzerland to undergo a medical procedure when the incident occurred.

Pavel Muntyan, a producer for Russian animation studio Toonbox, shared the news via a Facebook post. He said Karshkov, who was born in Ukraine before later moving to Russia, was “one of the most athletic” people he knew. It’s now up to scientists and forensic specialists to figure out what really happened.

Suspicious Death

Muntyan explained that Karshkov was in Switzerland for a checkup. The contrast fluids the hospital used to prepare him for an MRI allegedly caused an allergic reaction when he was placed in the MRI machine.

From there, the reaction became a coma, despite the fact that Karshkov was in the best-ranked hospital system in the world. As reported by The Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity this past March, “The Swiss health care system ranks first overall out of the 32 countries evaluated in the 2022 World Index of Health Care Innovation.”

It isn’t clear how quickly the situation deteriorated, but Karshkov never recovered and passed away. Muntyan called the death of “a bull” a nightmare.

Karshkov’s entrepreneurial journey began when he co-founded 1xBet in 2007 with Roman Semikhoin. Over the years, amid controversy and legal troubles, the company expanded its reach, offering an extensive array of sports betting, online casino games, and other interactive gaming experiences.

Under Karshkov’s leadership, the company emerged as a global player, reaching millions of users worldwide. His dedication played a pivotal role in shaping 1xBet into a successful brand, although it wasn’t always a smooth ride.

More Questions than Answers

Karshkov, who once served in Russia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs, made some enemies along the way, some of whom were in the Russian government. Since 2020, he has been on a wanted list for allegedly organizing and conducting online gambling activity in the country.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine a little more than a year ago, 39 prominent Russians have died. Among these are oligarchs, military officers, scientists, and more. Many passed away under highly suspicious circumstances.

Sergey Grishin, who sold a mansion in California to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, died this past March. The former co-owner of RosEvroBank, who was also known for owning the mansion where the movie “Scarface” was filmed, died shortly after criticizing the Ukraine invasion.

That came soon after the death of Russian virologist Andrey Botikov. He was responsible for helping create a COVID-19 vaccine before someone strangled him with a belt.

The former deputy chairman of the Russian gas firm Novotek, Sergey Protosenya, allegedly killed himself, his wife, and his daughter at a vacation home in Spain in April of last year. There was no suicide note and the murder weapons didn’t produce a single fingerprint.

Several of those who have died over the past year inexplicably “fell” from hotel windows or balconies. So far, none of the deaths has been conclusively linked to the Russian regime.