10 Of The Biggest Gambling Myths, Debunked

10 Of The Biggest Gambling Myths, Debunked

Whether you believe that casinos cheat or you could face prison time if caught card counting, there are tons of gambling myths out there.

We’re going to set the record straight once and for all by explaining the most commonly believed gambling myths – and why they’re not true.

MYTH 1: Casinos Pump Oxygen Into The Air

Some gamblers believe that casinos secretly add more oxygen to the AC on casino floors to make customers more energetic and therefore more likely to gamble, and some believe they even add pheromones.

This is false and there is a logical reason why.

Oxygen is not pumped into casinos since it would increase the flammability of the air and make it a fire risk. And no casino wants to burn itself to the ground. Think about it.

Oh, and it’s also illegal to tamper with air supplies in many countries. So if you’re playing in a legal, licensed casino, you should be good.

MYTH 2: Casino Games Are Rigged

Let’s make one thing absolutely clear: Casino games are not rigged.

Are casino games designed to give the house the edge? Of course, that’s how casinos make money.

But this edge plays out over a long period across thousands of players. It doesn’t mean you can’t win.

Many people accept that table games are fair, as they can see what the dealer is doing at all times.

But what about slots? How can you really know what’s going on inside a slot machine?

Every slot game uses a random number generator (RNG) to determine what symbols will land and guarantee random results. You have the same chance of hitting a payout on every spin.

Now you don’t just have to take our word on RNGs. You know when a legal casino describes itself as licensed and regulated? Part of that regulation involves third parties coming and testing the RNGs on slot games.

There is a pinch of salt in this myth, as games are built so the casino will win over time.

But games aren’t rigged, and you have as much a chance as anyone of walking away with a big win.

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MYTH 3: Card Counting Is Illegal

person in handcuffs

There is nothing illegal about card counting, and you can’t be thrown in jail if you’re caught.

However, most casinos don’t want you to count cards because it reduces the house edge, so won’t take kindly to players doing it.

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The most likely punishment if you get caught is you’ll be asked to leave the casino. At worst, they may also notify other casinos about who you are.

You’re not suddenly going to find a court summons in your mailbox one day if you count cards.

This is a myth supported by casinos because it benefits them if you think there are severe repercussions for card counting.

MYTH 4: Gambling Isn’t Addictive

This one is crucial, as recognizing that gambling is addictive is a significant step towards preventing problem gambling.

You feel good when you hit a win while playing casino games because your brain releases chemicals like dopamine. The more you trigger this reaction, the more you need to activate that same feeling.

As gamblers chase down that buzz, they feel they need to risk and win more and more money, which can result in bad gambling habits.

There is no problem with enjoying gambling, but it’s essential to know when to stop.

Setting limits on how much to spend before you reach a casino, or enforcing time limits on how you play, can protect you from developing a problem.

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MYTH 5: There Are Hot And Cold Slot Machines

The idea with this myth is that once a machine starts paying out, you’re more likely to hit wins frequently. This is known as a ‘hot’ slot.

Likewise, slots can go through long periods of not paying out, and they’re known as ‘cold’ slots.

Remember RNGs? Well, they put an end to this myth.

Every spin is equal, and you have just as high as chance of a win on one spin as on another.

Sometimes, slot machines will provide several payouts in quick succession. Other times, slots will go on for long periods without paying out.

It’s 100% random – don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise.

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MYTH 6: You’re Due A Win If You Haven’t Had One In A While

Many gamblers believe that if you stick with the same game, eventually, you’ll get a big payout because you’ll be “due” a win.

This is sometimes called the Gambler’s Fallacy.

For example, if a roulette wheel hasn’t hit any wins on the previous 10 spins, a player might believe that on its 11th spin that a win will occur because it’s time.  

However, this is a myth because each spin should be considered independent – its previous results have zero impact on the future.

Or if a slot has just paid out a big jackpot, players might avoid that machine as they believe it won’t pay out again soon – when really it could pay out an hour later!

It’s important to remember that past events do not have any impact on the present or future.

MYTH 7: Dealers Adjust Games If You’re Winning Too Much

Dealer cheating

Some gamblers have a lot of suspicions in casinos, and one of the most popular is that dealers will adjust games if you are winning too much.

Again, remember that casino games are designed to give the house the edge.

Dealers don’t need to rig games because they know that eventually the casino will make a profit across all players.

In addition, land-based casinos are regulated by independent bodies which are looking to protect player safety. Along with testing the RNGs of slot machines, regulators will also review the processes that dealers use.

If you don’t want to trust casino regulators, think about it another way.

It would probably cost the casinos far too much money to have to train dealers to rig games without people noticing. It takes years to perfect sleight of hand or other moves.

This training would cost the casino a lot more than just letting the occasional player hit big wins. And if no one ever won big at the casino, they’d soon get a reputation and be out of business.

MYTH 8: Casino Games Are Pure Luck

This myth is kind of true.

There are some games that are based on luck, like slots or roulette, however, there are a number of casino games that require skill and strategy to win, like poker or blackjack.

To use an example we’ve already talked about, if you know how to card count, you’ve theoretically got a better chance of winning in blackjack than someone who doesn’t.

Of course, luck still plays a huge part in the game, but there are ways you can give yourself marginal edges.

MYTH 9: You’re More Likely To Win Slots In A Busy Casino

Many gamblers believe if you visit a busier casino, you’re more likely to win when playing slot machines because more money is being pumped into them.

This is categorically untrue, as the winnings spins on slots are determined by RNGs.

No matter if you’re the only one on the casino floor or you’re struggling to find an available slot machine, the chances of winning are the same.

However, there are benefits to playing in busy casinos, especially if you’re a fan of progressive jackpot games.

Progressive jackpots increase as more players stake on that game. If there are more players in a casino, that prize total will rise faster, so you can hit a bigger jackpot if you land the right spin.

Likewise, land-based casinos often run tournaments on slots for players to enjoy. Busier casinos will have larger prize pools for these competitions. 

MYTH 10: Online Casinos Don’t Pay Out

online casino scam

Many people believe that online casinos are scam sites that won’t pay out. If a casino is licensed and regulated, then you will get your winnings (providing you follow the wagering requirements).

One of the reasons that the myth that online casinos don’t pay out is so popular is that many players claim welcome bonuses without understanding what they are.

However, these promotions have terms and conditions to prevent bonus abuse, like wagering requirements, which tell you how many times you need to use your bonuses before withdrawing.

You won’t be able to cash out if you make a transaction request without completing your wagering requirements. Many players don’t understand this and see it as the casino site scamming them.

So let’s make it as simple as possible. If you are using an online casino licensed by a respected regulatory body, accepting players from where you are, you will receive your payouts.

Sure, there are scam online casinos out there, but if you use a regulated platform, your payouts should be safe.