Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 37: The Dorsey, Harvest, Hoarding and The Year in WTF

It’s our first podcast episode of 2017, and yep, the show’s still the same huge, steaming pile of disappointment you’ve come to know and ignore.

In this episode, we take a lingering last look at 2016, then dole out some reckless Las Vegas predictions for 2017.

Learn all about The Dorsey, the sparkly new bar at Venetian, a local legend on “Hoarders” and Harvest, a stellar restaurant at Bellagio we didn’t know existed until they gave us a free meal.

The Dorsey Venetian
We forget where we put all the cocktail photos from The Dorsey, so we’re forced to share this one of the waitresses again.

Also on the show, we blaze through our most popular blog posts of 2016, featuring zero surprises. Sex on the High Roller, anyone?

Of course, we ramble through all the Las Vegas you probably don’t need, including stories about Riviera Blvd. becoming Elvis Presley Blvd., the Rio power outage and gas leak at Linq promenade, Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s new strip club (plus a strip club insider tip guaranteed to change your life), good news from the IRS, virtual reality at Caesars Palace and all the latest about paid parking at MGM Resorts and Caesars Entertainment.

Oh, and something about Tape Face, whoever that might actually be.

We share some poorly-researched Vegas history about Flamingo (it opened on Dec. 26, 1946), New York-New York (it opened Jan. 3, 1997), “Star Trek: The Experience” (it opened Jan. 4, 1998) and Harmon tower (it’s plug was pulled on Jan. 7, 2009).

Westgate Star Trek timeshares
Adding insult to injury, since “Star Trek: The Experience” closed in Sep. 2008, it’s been used as Westgate’s timeshare sales center. “Hu’tegh ben!”

As a special bonus, in this episode, we also tackle some year-end questions from our friends at Eater Vegas about the Las Vegas restaurant scene. The bottom line: We just answer “Pizza Rock” to everything.

It’s the final episode of our first season of the Vital Vegas Podcast, so lube up, strap on the amplification system of your choosing and let us pump some Las Vegas gloriousness into your soft, pink ear holes.