Vince Neil’s Tatuado Restaurant & Cantina Goes South at Westgate Las Vegas

Vince Neil’s Tatuado Restaurant & Cantina has discreetly closed at Westgate Las Vegas.

The Mötley Crüe singer’s restaurant and bar opened at the former Las Vegas Hilton (later LVH, now Westgate) in 2010. It was originally named the Tres Rios Cantina.

Vince Neil cantina
The ultimate fate of Vince Neil’s leather pants may never be known.

Back in 2010, the Las Vegas Hilton’s executive vice president Ken Ciancimino said, “He [Neil] is a rock star known around the world. His cantina will be the perfect addition to the many things we have going on here.”

Now, apparently, not so much.

Vince Neil Las Vegas
Not uncommon, unfortunately.

LVH was purchased by Westgate in July 2014, so the closure of Vince Neil’s place may have been the result of the ownership change.

During our infrequent visits, the place was never busy, so we trust the owners no longer wanted to pay for privilege of having Vince Neil’s name on the joint.

In interviews, Westgate’s owner has said there are plans to open another Mexican restaurant. Read more.

Tatuado Primal Scream
We may not miss the restaurant, but we’ll certainly miss the Primal Scream cocktail.

If you still have a hankering for food and drink with Vince Neil’s name on it, head to Tatuado Eat, Drink, Party at Circus Circus Las Vegas.