Today’s Reminder About the Las Vegas Sign Scam

We’ve talked about it before, but it bears repeating: Don’t fall victim to the Las Vegas sign scam.

The “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign is one of the most popular photo ops in Las Vegas, and quite possibly the world. This makes it a target for scam artists pretending to be official representatives of the sign, or the city, or whatever.

These people often wear official-looking “credentials,” or even dress up in outfits to give unsuspecting visitors the impression they’re something other than what they are. People basically begging for tips, usually by offering to assist with photos.

Las Vegas scams
Congratulations, you’re one of this blog’s all-time Las Vegas pet peeves.

There are no official photographers at the Las Vegas sign. There are no monitors, attendants or other representatives of Las Vegas.

Although they are often bold, and speak with great authority, you don’t have to stand where they say, you don’t have to let them take your photo, you don’t have to adhere to their made-up rules, and you most certainly aren’t obligated to tip them for any assistance they offer to provide.

Las Vegas sign scam
The other “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign.

Ignore them, and enjoy your photo op. Another Vegas visitor is equally, and perhaps even more, qualified to help with a photo with the Las Vegas sign. You can even take theirs in return. If everyone ignores the scam artists, they’ll go away, and that would make a certain Las Vegas blog smile. Broadly.