Crazy Horse Too Strip Club Will Reclaim Its Rightful Name

Which strip club would you rather visit, The Horse or the Crazy Horse Too? We couldn’t agree more.

One of our all-time favorite strip clubs (allegedly), Crazy Horse Too will soon regain its rightful name after a lengthy legal battle.

Ever since trademark issues arose in May 2013, the iconic Crazy Horse Too gentlemen’s club, at 2476 Industrial Road, had to operate under the awkward name of The Horse.

The Horse strip club
Minotaurs and dragons. That’s hot. Or something.

A statement from the club states, “Citing evidence submitted by owner Michael Galam…United States District Judge James C. Mahan reversed his previous decision barring Michael Galam from using the name Crazy Horse Too for the embattled gentleman’s club.”

The bottom line? It appears we’re getting our Crazy Horse Too back, the way Nature intended it.

Crazy Horse Too
This is the lawyer for Crazy Horse Too, and that’s the story we’re sticking to.

Club owner Michael Galam said, “I am extremely happy with Judge Mahan’s ruling. We are excited to move forward from today as The Crazy Horse Too.”

Crazy Horse Too is open 24 hours a day for all your pole and lap dance needs.

Here’s a link to the club’s Web page, but when we visited, it stated “Bandwidth exceeded.” Which sort of bodes well for Crazy Horse Too if you ask us.