Today’s Panty-Dropper Cocktail, Courtesy of Downtown’s Triple George Grill

We often trumpet the deliciousness of the food at Triple George Grill, but one does not live by chicken parm alone. Probably.

Downtown’s Triple George has a new signature cocktail menu, and we found the Winter’s Kiss ($12) to be a refreshing offering with a pleasing kick.

Winter's Kiss cocktail
Like many great kisses, this one will get you to at least third base.

The Winter’s Kiss has Belvedere Grapefruit vodka, fresh basil, simple syrup and fresh grapefruit. Simple, but effective.

The cocktail was concocted by Marti, one of our favorite Triple George bartenders.

Triple George Grill is located across from Downtown Grand, right next another of our favorite places to dine and cocktail, Pizza Rock.