Three Surprisingly Good Desserts at Carlos’n Charlie’s at Flamingo

We should probably get this out of the way up front: Carlos’n Charlie’s at the Flamingo isn’t about the food. It’s about the hooch and the party, plain and simple. We’re also fans of the restaurant’s irreverent sense of humor.

Even though the food isn’t intended to be the star of the show, it’s pretty good, and we’ve never had a disappointing meal there. (Try the Parmesan & Swiss Chicken and you’ll be a fan for life.)

Here are three Carlos’n Charlie’s desserts are well worth a try.

1. Chocolate Cake

It’s chocolate and it’s cake. It’s also right up our alley.

Carlos'n Charlie's Chocolate Cake
Sugar intensifies the effects of alcohol. So, yes, please.

2. Banana Chimichanga

The Banana Chimichanga dish at Carlos’n Charlie’s has bananas, so it must be healthy. And that’s the story we’re sticking to.

Banana chimichanga
The ice cream contains vanilla beans, which are vegetables. Told you it was healthy.

3. Awesome Brownie

Our favorite Carlos’n Charlie’s dessert is meant to be shared.

Awesome brownie
Oh, mommy.

The full menu can be viewed on the establishment’s official site.

Our best tip for when you try these great Carlos’n Charlie’s desserts? Order a side of treadmill.