Three Vegas Things That Will Change Your Life for the Wider

There are lots of things in Las Vegas that change your life forever. The three that follow happen to all be at the same place, Triple George restaurant and bar, one of our favorite places in downtown Las Vegas.

1. The Bread

It always comes out fresh and hot, lovingly swaddled, like a perfectly-baked infant. Or, better yet, some other metaphor that isn’t nearly as uncomfortable. It’s the best bread in town, in our humble opinion.

Share other things. Wisdom. Wealth. Just not this.
Share other things. Wisdom. Wealth. Just not this.

2. New and Improved Butter

The butter at Triple George used to be like most restaurant butter. Square, flat and cold. The evil geniuses at Triple George recently gave the butter a serious overhaul, and now it’s downright amazing. The butter is whipped and smooth, and accompanied by red wine vinegar, olive oil mixed dry herbs. Get used to the idea that you will find the bread and butter so seductive, you will not stop eating it until you can no longer move without the assistance of a backhoe.

Triple George does not fight fair.
Triple George does not fight fair.

3. The Chicken Parmesan

We sing the praises of the chicken parm at Triple George loudly and often because it’s the best chicken parmesan in Las Vegas, hands down. It’s consistently made to perfection by the culinary team at Triple George, people who we are tempted to kiss deeply on the mouth each time we visit. Despite its otherworldly deliciousness, the chicken parm is a mere $15. It even comes with spaghetti and vegetables.

We would propose marriage, but, you know, it's chicken parm.
We would propose marriage, but, you know, it’s chicken parm.

Triple George is just off the Fremont Street Experience, part of the Downtown 3rd District, which now includes the Downtown Grand Las Vegas.

The cocktails aren’t cheap compared to other spots downtown, but all is forgiven when the bread, butter and chicken parm arrive. Let us know what you think.