Three Graphic Examples of the Mob’s Legacy in Las Vegas

Just about everyone knows about downtown’s Mob Museum, and upwards of 14 people have visited the Mob Experience at Tropicana (the attraction closes Nov. 3, 2013). One of our favorite downtown bars is Mob Bar.

Yes, the mob has had an undeniable influence on Las Vegas, often in ways more subtle than museums or bars. Here are three examples of the mob’s legacy in Las Vegas, even today.

1. Mob Traffic Control

This portable traffic sign comes from a company called Masters of Barricades, or MOB. We’re sure that acronym was just a coincidence.

Ironic, since organized crime once made a lot of money from drug trafficking.
Ironic, since organized crime once made a lot of money from trafficking.

2. Mob Fashion

The mob has even had an impact on fashion.

Some say the mob will be back. Some say it never left.
Some say the mob will be back, some say it never left.

3. Mob Missile Pops

Here’s our most WTF example: Mob-influenced ice cream. Where else but in Las Vegas would you see an ice cream truck run by Good Fellas?

Odds of this guy skimming ice cream profits: High.
For many years, the underworld was cloaked in a cone of silence. Now, not so much.

Lots of ice cream trucks play “Pop Goes the Weasel.” This one plays “Pop Goes the Rat.”

We’ll be here all week.