Three Can’t-Miss Panty-Dropper Cocktails From Tom’s Urban at New York-New York

During each of our visits to the newly-opened Tom’s Urban at New York-New York, we find something new to love. Much of it in liquid form.

With count-’em four bars under one roof, it’s perhaps no surprise cocktails are as much a part of Tom’s Urban as the food.

Here are three delicious signature at Tom’s Urban sure to provide some social lubrication.

Stripside “Horny” Marg

Yes, it’s a margarita, but the “horny” in the name and the cocktail’s kick telegraphs why this offering made our list of panty-droppers at this fun new watering hold. The Stripside “Horny” Marg is made with Hornitos (Hornitos, horny, get it?) Plata tequila, simple syrup and 100% lime juice with a salty rim.

Tom's Urban Horny Margarita
“Margarita,” of course, is Spanish for, “Are you sure the baby’s mine?”

Ultimat Peach Cosmo

Tom’s Urban’s Ultimat Peach Cosmo is deceptively smooth and flavorful, belying its ultimate goal of warming your date’s cockles, whatever those might be.

The Ultimat Peach Cosmo boasts Ultimat vodka, peach liqueur, house made sweet and sour and moscato wine. We’re not a wine fan, but didn’t realize the Ultimat Peach Cosmo contained it until we’d lost the feeling in our face, and by then we didn’t particularly care.

Peach Cosmopolitan
It’s believed the popularity of the Cosmopolitan was sparked by frequent mentions on “Sex and the City,” a series where panty-droppage was sort of a thing.

Tomm’s Cup

Not a typo, Tomm’s Cup features Beefeater gin, Pimm’s (a gin-based liqueur), strawberry puree, ginger beer, simple syrup and lemon juice.

Tomm’s Cup is topped with cucumber and mint, so we’re declaring this panty-dropper a health drink, complete with the Food & Drug Administration’s recommended daily allowance of vegetables.

Tomm's Cup
Tomm’s Cup would be a lot less appealing if it were served at a sports bar, if you get our drift.

We have nothing but good things to say about Tom’s Urban, and can’t wait to visit again. Read more about this new restaurant and bar from Tom Ryan, the guy who invented stuffed-crust pizza for Pizza Hut and the McGriddle for McDonald’s. No, really.