How Do You Keep a Slot Machine Player in Suspense?

Funny you should ask. Here’s how.

It’s our very first Wheel of Fortune “tilt”!

This Las Vegas blog has been playing slot machines longer than we’d care to remember, but this was our first time seeing a perpetually spinning reel.

Wheel of Fortune
While annoying at first, one quickly realizes finding a slot machine experiencing a tilt is actually a great money-saving strategy.

We found the endless spinning of the reel rather relaxing. Hypnotic almost.

After a few minutes, a slot machine attendant opened the slot’s door, reset the machine and normal play resumed.

Slot machine tilts are relatively rare, and can mean a variety of things, including one of the reels is rubbing against the machine’s door, or the machine mistakenly thinks the door is open. If you look closely at the digital display, you can see the message “Closure M,” slot machine maintenance code for “Were you raised in a barn? Close the door!”

We learned something new! We can only hope that doesn’t happen again anytime soon.