The Best Slot Machine Name Ever, Testiclewise

As we’ve said in the past, naming things in casinos can be hard. That applies to slot machines, of course.

We recently came across a slot machine with one of the best names we’ve ever seen: Huevocartoon.

Spanish-speakers, feel free to jump ahead.
Spanish-speakers, feel free to skip ahead.

Apparently, Huevocartoon is a big deal in Spanish-speaking countries. But here’s the thing. While “huevos” means “eggs” in Spanish, it also means “testicles.”

Essentially, this slot machine, with characters bearing more than a passing resemblance to sperm, has “testicle” in its name.

No biggy, except for one other little detail (and this is where it gets sticky). The game has something called a “Rapid Reload” feature.

Haven't we all wished real life had a "rapid reload" feature?
Who hasn’t need this at one time or another?

So, this slot machine affords players the opportunity to reload their cartoon testicles, rapidly.

We’re just saying.