Taqueria el Buen Pastor Restaurant Opens Downtown, Drunk People Rejoice

A new cheap place to eat in downtown Las Vegas has opened, Taqueria el Buen Pastor on Fremont Street.

The restaurant serves up cheap Mexican favorites in the space formerly occupied by another taco place, Asada’s, and a restaurant featuring a menu inspired by county fairs.

El Buen Pastor Las Vegas
Asadas, nachos, tacos, quesadillas, flautas, salchipulpos. Oh, just order something, already.

Taqueria el Buen Pastor has three other locations in Las Vegas, two are brick-and-mortar restaurants, the third is taco stand in a parking lot. Don’t let that description fool you. It’s a favorite of Las Vegas locals.

El Buen Pastor
Nothing fancy, but that keeps the prices low. Probably. We are not an economist.

We popped into Taqueria el Buen Pastor on Oct. 30, 2015, its opening day, and tried one of the namesake Tacos de Pastor, and it was delicious. The taco has a pork carved from a spit and pineapple. We are not a pineapple person, and it was amazing, so go figure.

El Buen Pastor Taqueria
If you’re not excited to try this, you don’t know spit.

Simple, but effective.

El Buen Pastor restaurant
Buenas noches, party fuel.

Taqueria el Buen Pastor has been around since 2010 and specializes in authentic Guadalajara, Mexico food. This blog would not really know authentic Guadalajaran food if it tripped over it, but we know what we like, and this place is going to be our go-to drunchies restaurant when we’re in the mood for Mexican.

El Buen Pastor restaurant
You don’t have to know Spanish, just point at a photo.

Here’s the Taqueria el Buen Pastor menu in case you currently have a detached retina from trying to read the photos of the menu above and below.

El Buen Pastor restaurant
More things for us to mispronounce!

Some might say the opening of Taqueria el Buen Pastor is no big deal. It’s Mexican food.

But if you frequent Fremont Street (we do) and tend to drink a lot when there (we do) and if one isn’t made of money (we are, but go with it), this is just the kind of joint that’ll hit the spot when the cravings kick in.

The tacos are $2.50, so it can’t hurt to check the place out.

El Buen Pastor restaurant
The balloons were an opening day thing, so don’t get your hopes up.

Let us know what you think of Taqueria el Buen Pastor, and how it compares to another beloved taco offering, Tacos El Gordo, returning to The Strip soon.