Spread Deli at Downtown Grand Shutters, Closure of Red Mansion Imminent

Hot on the heels of our recent story about the ongoing shrinkage at Downtown Grand, the hotel’s Spread deli has closed, and its Asian restaurant, Red Mansion, will close within a week.

Downtown Grand
Downtown Grand’s Sports Book & Deli is now more of just a sports book.

The wall bearing a sign for the Spread has been unceremoniously covered up.

Spread deli
They say that when a door closes, a window opens. In the case of the Spread deli, no such luck. The walk-up window is closed, too.

Downtown Grand’s Chinese dining option, Red Mansion, will also close soon. We hear much of the menu will still be available at the hotel’s Stewart + Ogden restaurant, however.

Red Mansion closed
Bài bài, Red Mansion.

These restaurant closings aren’t the only changes customers have noted during recent visits. The hotel’s outdoor blackjack tables have been removed.

Downtown Grand
Downtown Grand’s remaining outdoor game, Street Dice, may have to be renamed “Street Dicey.”

We’ve heard Downtown Grand’s other venues, Mob Bar and The Commissary, are also in danger of closing, but our typically-reliable source at the hotel says they’ll remain afloat. Time will tell.

The Commissary
The Commissary closes at 3:00 p.m., which, in Vegas, is sort of like not being open at all.

It appears the hotel’s owners (CIM Group) and operators (Fifth Street Gaming) continue to struggle in their effort to overcome a seemingly insurmountable challenge: location.

In recent weeks, efforts to attract more customers (specifically, from Fremont Street Experience, a long, long block away) have gotten increasingly awkward.

Example: The Wheel-O-Desperation.

We’re still holding out hope things will turn around at Downtown Grand. Because we’re upbeat like that. The right person in the right position might just turn things around.