SlotZilla Zoomline Tests Are in Full Swing and We’re Feeling a Little Woozy

The SlotZilla zip line in downtown Las Vegas is testing its upper Zoomline, and if you’ll pardon the technical jargon, holy hell, it’s really, really high.

Currently, SlotZilla’s lower lines (77 feet up) are open, with the upper (144 feet up) Zoomline expected to open sometime this summer.

SlotZilla Zoomline
Zoomline riders take off higher than the Fremont Street Experience’s massive Viva Vision screen, which is 90 feet tall. Mommy, please hold us.

Since this blog’s day job is in the Fremont Street Experience marketing department, we get to bring you an exclusive peek all the latest SlotZilla zip line developments. At least we think we get to. If not, we’ll just file this blog post under security breaches.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the OMFG to come.

The latest round of tests involved sending test dummies of varying weights down the lines.

SlotZilla Zoomline
What is the matter with people?

While SlotZilla’s lower lines land halfway down the Fremont Street Experience (by Four Queens and the Fremont casino), people riding the Zoomline will be taken all the way down the mall, double the distance of the current ride (near Golden Gate and the Las Vegas Club).

SlotZilla Zoomline
The newest Vegas thrill ride lands in front of the city’s oldest hotel. We’re having a moment.

Zoomline riders will travel at speeds up to 30 miles an hour, depending upon their weight.

When the Zoomline opens, tickets are expected to cost $30. Rides on the lower lines are $20. Tickets can be purchased online or at the SlotZilla ticket office at the foot of the new downtown attraction.

SlotZilla Zoomline
Riders are hoisted up to the lines on lifts. The lifts are padded and comfy. Riders can’t see the view of the Fremont Street Experience canopy until a door lowers, partially for safety, but a lot for drama.

As our photos of the test dummies show, riders will take their trip prone, Superman-style, which will make an already intense ride even more extreme.

Las Vegas zip line
Are your palms sweaty? Our palms are sweaty. Although, that could be a gland issue.

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Check out more photos of the SlotZilla Las Vegas zip line Zoomline in our exclusive gallery. More news to come.

SlotZilla Zoomline