South Point to Give Away $2 Million in Bingo Prizes

There’s bingo, then there’s bingo at South Point this summer.

The southward casino is hosting what’s touted as “the richest bingo event in Las Vegas history,” with prizes totaling $2 million.

South Point will give away $1 million on July 18 and 19, and an additional $1 million on July 22 and 23, 2022.

South Point is known for its good gambling, dining values and cowpokes. The ice cream place is also bomb.

The casino will also host special Super Sessions on July 17-23, despite the fact we don’t know what those are.

The buy-in for the $1 million sessions is $445, which seems oddly specific, but we are not a bingo expert, other than our finding the call of “O-69” incredibly hilarious.

Here are some deets. Deets are like details, but with three fewer letters, which will serve you well later in life.

According to South Point’s news release, “The $445 buy-in includes one 9-on pack, food coupons and a dauber with special add-ons available. Each game is sold separately.”

We don’t really know what a “9-on pack” is, but we assume it’s the card thingies where you use a dauber to mark the numbers being called.

Fun fact: The most popular bingo dauber color is purple. We really need to get a new fun bingo fact. We’ve been using this one for at least eight years.

Yes, this is a bingo dauber. Just the tip.

Bingo’s origins date back to the 16th century. It’s an offshoot of the lottery. Which Nevada doesn’t have because casinos think if people buy lottery tickets, they won’t get that money, so they made sure the Nevada constitution prohibits lotteries. Remember, gambling is bad!

Vegas is gonna Vegas. What would our school system do with all that extra money, anyway? Mo’ money, mo’ problems, casinos always say.

And the winner of South Point’s bingo giveaway will soon learn if that adage is true!

Unlike Wheel of Fortune and Buffalo, no one person gets a million dollar prize. Prizes range from $20,000 a game to $50,000. This is not your grandma’s bingo. Unless your grandma is entering the South Point’s bingo extravaganza, then this is your grandma’s bingo, but you know what we mean.

Suddenly, you’re obsessed with deets?

Bingo has become harder to find in large swaths of Las Vegas. It doesn’t actually exist on The Strip, and its last gasp downtown is at Plaza.

Bingo takes up a lot of space and doesn’t generate a lot of revenue for casinos, ditto keno lounges.

Still, bingo remains a thing at locals casinos like South Point. Here’s more.

The game appeals to those who like more bang for their buck, and who prefer a more leisurely gambling experience.

We’d say bingo is also very social, but if you talk during bingo, the regulars will bite your head off.

If you’re looking to dabble in daubers, the South Point $2 million giveaway might be the time to start.