Something You Didn’t Know About Las Vegas Hotel Housekeeping

Our hats are off to the fine men and women (mainly women) who do housekeeping in Las Vegas hotels. Theirs is a thankless job, unless you tip them, then they might feel a little thanked.

So, here’s something you didn’t know about Vegas hotel housekeeping. Those boxes of facial tissues in your room have to be replaced before they’re empty. But how does a housekeeper know when the box is about to run out?

Color coding, that’s how. When white tissues turn to yellow, it’s time to swap out the box.

hotel facial tissues
Now you know!

Definitely clever.

So, here’s another question that’s been plaguing us: How do housekeepers know when to replace the toilet paper? Removing a roll with too much paper on it is unnecessarily wasteful, but letting it go too low is an inconvenience for guests.

Here’s the rule of thumb: No, literally, there’s a rule of thumb. If the paper on a roll is thicker than the distance between one’s thumbnail and the first knuckle, it stays. If it’s less than that, it goes.