A Sneak Peek at the O’Sheas Sneak Preview and More

O’Sheas returns to the Las Vegas Strip on Dec. 27, 2013, but the new bar and casino area at The Quad and Linq is already doing a preview for insiders with a secret password.

We took a shot at the password, “Lucky,” but to no avail. Photography is strictly forbidden to those without the password, so unfortunately we can’t share any photos of the new O’Sheas until the official opening.

Kidding! You totally fell for that, didn’t you? Here’s today’s security breach!

New O'Sheas
Your liver may need a Viagra! Or something!

The new O’Sheas has a cozy vibe, with lots of dark wood, two inside bars (Lucky Bar and Dublin Up) and one outside (Blarney Bar), 11 table games, a small stage for live entertainment and, of course, beer pong tables. Just four beer pong tables at the moment, though, so there’s definite shift away from catering to the beer pong crowd as the former O’Sheas did.

O'Sheas Las Vegas
That third table from the left is this Las Vegas blog’s retirement plan.

Bonus points if you spot the de facto “mayor” of O’Sheas, Lucky the Leprechaun, our buddy Brian Thomas.

We hear Lucky got a custom-made suit in honor of the re-opening of O’Sheas, costing in the neighborhood of $1,200, and made by the same designer who does costumes for Elton John.

Apparently, the new O’Sheas is to the former O’Sheas as The Cromwell is to Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall.

O'Sheas The Quad
You can’t miss it. Unless you’re already drunk. In which case, you probably shouldn’t be going to O’Sheas.

The cocktail waitress outfits are awesome, the ambiance is just right and we expect at least a token effort to offer guests the same kind of drink specials for which the previous incarnation of O’Sheas was known.

You’ll soon be able to enter O’Sheas from either the casino in The Quad or from The Linq. We popped our camera over the construction fence, naturally, to get a glimpse of a flurry of final touches before guests are welcomed to several new offerings at The Linq (also Dec. 27, 2013).

Linq Las Vegas
Large interactive kiosks, like the one at left, will let guests take and share photos of themselves at The Linq.

Aside from O’Sheas, The Linq will also debut Purple Zebra (a slushy drink shop), Haute Doggery (which may serve hot dogs), a Starbucks (which may serve coffee), Koto (an oddities shop, along the lines of Sharper Image) and Chayo Cocina, a Mexican restaurant adjacent to O’Sheas.

While you’re at O’Sheas (and you will be at O’Sheas, right?), you’ll also want to check out the monstrous Titan 360 slot machine experience a few feet away, inside the casino at The Quad.

Titan 360
“Titan” is Greek for “they may have had to remove a wall of the casino to get this thing in here.”

This new game is an eight-seater, with game stations surrounding a nearly 12-foot-tall central bonus extravaganza with video screens and a mechanical wheel with metallic balls.

The manufacturer says, “Titan 360 was designed to create excitement by providing a multi-sensory gaming experience that delivers thrilling, high-frequency bonus events.” We don’t know about all that, but we can confirm it’s one big-ass machine. Read more.

One final new thing at The Quad is a new view as you drive up into the self-park garage.

High Roller Las Vegas
That there high roller is classing up the joint, bigtime!

Read more about the world’s tallest observation wheel, the High Roller Ferris wheel.

Things are truly going to be hopping mid-Strip as The Linq opens its new offerings (with more coming in February) and The Quad completes its massive casino renovations.

We’ll see you at O’Sheas! Assuming we can see you with our face firmly planted in the plush, new carpeting.