SlotZilla Zipline Las Vegas Gets Lit at the Fremont Street Experience

Downtown Las Vegas is on the verge of something big! The SlotZilla zipline ride is all lit up, and wired, ready for its hair-raising debut as the next big attraction in Las Vegas.

SlotZilla zipline
Oh, there will be hair raised, believe you us.

A concrete opening date for SlotZilla has been elusive, but from the giant slot machine’s exterior, we expect it won’t be long now.

Las Vegas zipline
SlotZilla is covered with Las Vegas icons. Sadly, our face wouldn’t fit.

The 120-foot-tall SlotZilla is an imposing presence at the Fremont Street Experience, and its decorative touches include showgirls, a flamingo, martini, palm tree and “Welcome to Fabulous Downtown Las Vegas” sign.

Las Vegas zipline
This is an homage to a real sign greeting visitors to downtown. That sign is an homage to the sign that welcomes visitors to The Strip. Vegas is big on homages.

SlotZilla’s showgirls are based upon actual women, Jennifer and Porsha, the models who dressed as showgirls and accompanied former Mayor Oscar Goodman to his many public appearances.

SlotZilla’s showgirls are exactly 35 feet, 2 11/16 inches tall. That’ll win you a bar bet someday. (Most sources inaccurately report the showgirls are 37 feet tall. Amateurs.)

SlotZilla showgirl
Porsha, everyone. Everyone, Porsha.

Among the sparkly new flourishes adorning SlotZilla are three video screens which simulate slot machine reels. Unlike a real shot machine, however, this one seems to hit on every spin.

Las Vegas SlotZilla zipline
Win percentages in actual Las Vegas casinos may vary.

Here’s some wonderfully shaky video of the reels in action. We are a Las Vegas blog, not a professional videographer.

The lighting of SlotZilla’s bling marks yet another step closer to the opening of this new thrill ride in downtown Las Vegas. Even the lines have been strung.

Riders will have the option of departing SlotZilla on one of two zipline levels, 70 feet or 100 feet up. Riders who take the high line will ride Superman-style and fly 1,700 feet, the entire length of the Fremont Street Experience, landing by Golden Gate casino.

Ticket prices for SlotZilla will be $20 for the lower zipline and $30 for the higher.

Here are a few more photos of the SlotZilla zipline getting lit on Fremont Street. Just like the rest of us, come to think of it.

SlotZilla Zipline Lights