Scroguard Should Be A Vital Part of Any Las Vegas Adventure

There are certain things you just have to have in Las Vegas. Cash. Comfortable shoes. The phone number of a good bail bondsman. Now, there’s another vital addition to your Las Vegas must list: Scroguard.

Put simply, Scroguard is a product designed “to cover the skin in the genital area not covered by a condom to reduce skin-to-skin contact in the scrotum and pubic region.” And, no, we are not making this up.

How is Howie Mandel not a spokesperson for this product? Yet.

This stunningly one-night-stand-friendly product is disposable and washable, made of premium quality latex, is lightweight and fits waists up to 48 inches.

We noted there’s no mention of possible girthiness challenges in the Scroguard product description, but we’ll get past it. Customers, we mean. Customers will get past it.

Here’s a fascinating, borderline disturbing, but probably safe for work video illustrating the benefits of: 1) Scroguard and 2) having a larger budget for the production of promotional videos.

Scroguard, a word this blog is still not entirely comfortable typing, is a steal at just $19.99, and “shipping is discreet.” Oh, and if you’re delusionally optimistic, buy in bulk and save; $49.99 for three, $89.99 for six.

We’re thinking this is the greatest invention since Liquid Lapdance underwear.

The biggest potential downside of Scroguard we’re seeing is the possibility the participant in your “main event,” upon seeing your Scroguard contraption, may bolt from the room while simultaneously phoning the authorities. But other than that, your pubic region is golden.

Find out more about Scroguard at the official site.