Sands Corp. Proposes $1 Billion Stadium to Lure NFL Team to Las Vegas

Some bigtime sports news has nearly caused Sin City’s collective head to ‘splode, so here it is: Las Vegas Sands Corp. has proposed a $1 billion, 65,000-seat stadium to be built on 42 acres recently purchased by the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Yes, that’s a big deal, but that’s not all.

Las Vegas Sands executives, including CEO Sheldon Adelson, are meeting with reps of the Oakland Raiders, leading to speculation the team could relocate to Las Vegas.

This is pretty much where all the heads ‘sploded, in case you’re keeping score at home.

Las Vegas Raiders
Fun fact: The Raiders logo was inspired by our friend and Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist Norm Clarke. Look, we needed a Vegas tie-in, so that’s the story we’re sticking to.

This news sparks a lot more questions than answers, mainly along the lines of “WTF?”

If Sands Corp. wanted to build a stadium, why didn’t they purchase the land involved rather than paying for a stadium on somebody else’s land?

Given the history of antagonism between the NFL and Las Vegas (“Gambling, bad!”), has something suddenly changed?

Is the Raiders meeting just a ploy to intimidate Oakland into building a new stadium for the team?

There are others more qualified to provide an analysis of the liklihood of the stadium project and Raider move scenario transpiring. Oh, who are we kidding? Everyone is more qualified to provide an analysis of the liklihood of this scenario transpiring. Some of those include the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Ralston Reports, ESPN and Fox Sports.

If the Raiders, or any NFL team, come to Las Vegas, that’ll make two professional teams, as an NHL expansion team is expected to take up residence in the new Las Vegas Arena.

Rumors about arena and stadium projects in Las Vegas are as plentiful as showgirls with eating disorders, so we’ll see if this one pans out. Having someone with deep pockets behind the project, rather than just the usual high hopes and questionable Asian financing, got our attention.

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