Former Bally’s Tower Will Become Part of Paris

As you know, since you obsessively follow Las Vegas news, Bally’s is now Horseshoe Las Vegas.

But not all of it.

Just the main tower (Resort Tower) at Horseshoe has been given a Horseshoe sign and paint job. The other Bally’s tower lost its Bally’s sign, but hasn’t been given the Horseshoe treatment.

That’s because the Jubilee tower will be integrated into Paris Las Vegas, attached by a walkway. We hear the pedestrian bridge will land in the general area of the former Anthony Cools theater, near the Paris sportsbook.

This hotel tower is having an identity crisis, but not for long.

Caesars Entertainment hasn’t officially confirmed these plans, but they’ve apparently been in the works for a couple of years, even prior to the relatively recent rebranding of Bally’s to Horseshoe.

Contractors are reportedly at Paris as we write this (April 25, 2023) as a precursor to submitting bids for the walkover between the Bally’s hotel tower and Paris.

Here is our meticulously researched rendering of the connector between the former Bally’s tower and Paris Las Vegas.

Probably not to scale.

Integrating the Bally’s tower into Paris is an intriguing move, adding room capacity to a higher tier resort without the prohibitive cost of building a new hotel tower at Paris.

The Jubilee tower was formerly called the South Tower, and has 756 rooms. Horseshoe’s Resort Tower has 2,052 rooms.

We don’t recall any room renovations in the Jubilee tower since 2013 (the Resort Tower was renovated in 2018), so we trust that will happen as the tower is integrated into Paris, along with the requisite Paris interior design flourishes.

We’ve also heard rumblings tower renovations may include rooms with windows and balconies facing the Bellagio fountains, pretty much a “name your room rate” power move. Ingenious, really.

As this hasn’t been officially announced, details are few and there’s no timeline for when it will happen. Just something to keep an eye on as things develop at Horseshoe.

Horseshoe was Bally’s which was MGM Grand. There will be a quiz.

There’s a lot of activity at Horseshoe and Grand Bazaar Shops, as construction has started on Ole Red, a restaurant and entertainment venue that will sit on the corner of Las Vegas Blvd. and Flamingo.

The massive construction crane won’t cause any disruption to traffic, at all, so just move along.

In the paraphrased words of Milli Vanilli, “Blame it on the crane. Yeah. Yeah.”

Next door to Old Red will be Bottled Blonde, a $50 million pizza and nightlife experience of some sort.

The only constant in Las Vegas is change. Well, that and people wearing clothes they don’t entirely fit into. But mostly change.

Update (4/27/23): Following the publication of our scoop, we received additional details. When the Bally’s tower becomes part of Paris Las Vegas, it will be rebranded from Jubilee to the Versailles tower. Rooms on the west side of the tower will get balconies (and we predict will print money with those views of Bellagio fountains). Room renovations begin soon and should be complete by the end of 2023. The connector bridge between the tower, along with exterior renovations of the tower, should be completed by Q2 of 2024. More to come, but you heard it here first!

Update (4/28/23): An alert Twitter follower pointed us in the direction of this planning document that provides further specifics about this project. We extracted the good parts. Plans call for an increase in the tower’s height of 290 feet, along with the pedestrian bridge we previously reported. The project will add “a new parapet rooftop to the tower.” Deets follow, as the kids say.

Juicy AF.

We also got our hands on renderings of the new pedestrian bridge and refreshed Bally’s/Paris hotel tower.

Here’s the pedestrian bridge.

Modesty aside, our rendering was uncanny.

Here’s how the bridge will sit between the rebranded Versailles tower (formerly Bally’s Jubilee tower) and Paris.

The Jubilee tower and Paris are about to get it on.

In other things you’re seeing her first because we’re better than everyone else (and also our friend Peter Bijlsma is quite good at digging this stuff up when we have no skill or patience for doing so), here’s what the rebranded tower will look like. Just bigger.

The Versailles won’t be new, but by the time it’s done, it will be again.

Here’s a closer look at the balconies that will be added to the west side of the Versailles tower at Paris.

Behold a new revenue driver for Caesars Entertainment. They’re coming for you, Cosmo.

Update (4/30/23): As if you needed further evidence our sources are amazing, check out this rendering of the future Versailles tower at Paris Las Vegas.

We exclusived the hell out of this one. Thanks for noticing.

Update (5/1/23): Caesars Entertainment confirmed our scoop, of course. If you have a desire to read the official news release, despite our having already shared everything in it, have at it. Our original story contained an over-under of the budget for the project, which was way over, as the project is expected to cost a mere $100 million.

The official news release also confirmed the timeline we shared: “The Versailles Tower will feature some of the largest standard rooms on The Strip, starting at 436 square feet. In addition, select guestrooms will offer new 55-square-foot balconies with unmatched views of The Strip as part of the renovation. The enhanced rooms in the Versailles Tower at Paris Las Vegas are slated for completion in late 2023 with the pedestrian bridge to follow in early 2024.”

As the kids say, boom.

Not as good as the rendering we got exclusively, but it’ll do.

Paris share some room renderings. Bottom line: Fancy. The French flag-inspired drapes are a little on-the-nose, but otherwise, hawt.

Love this room, including the artwork featuring two bluefire jellyfish initiating intercourse.

Here’s one more. Definitely a step up from Bally’s, with rates we assume will also be a step up. Hence the investment.

Apparently, bluefire jellyfish also belly dance. Wild.

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