Rock, Paper, Scissors Slot Machine is Mindless Good Fun

A new slot machine, based upon the childhood game of “Rock, Paper, Scissors,” has found its way to Circa’s casino floor, and we had to check it out.

Circa says it’s the only casino in the world where the game can currently be played. There are three machines at Circa, and a degree in rocket (or any other) science is not required to play.

Technically, the machine from Aruze Gaming is called “Rock Paper Scissors Instant Win,” no commas. We can’t write it without commas, sorry, Aruze.

Full disclosure: Actual game may vary slightly from photo. Also, please grow up.

The Rock, Paper, Scissors slot is further evidence slot makers have completely run out of ideas.

The appearance of this new slot coincided with G23, the Global Gaming Expo, where slot manufacturers from around the world gather to show off their rehashes of existing games. But with hoopla.

Here’s how the game works.

First, you choose a denomination: $5, $10, $20, $50, $100. Yep, you can bet $100 a pop. Those are the amounts of your bet (there’s no “max credit” on this machine).

In an early Japanese version of “rock, paper, scissors,” the game involved “slug, frog and snake.” Snake beat frog, frog beat slug, slug beat snake.

Next, you hit “Play/Random Select.” This button places your wager, but you still get to choose between the aforementioned rock, scissors and paper.

If you hit the button twice, the machine chooses rock, scissors or paper for you. Don’t use “random select” or you’ll miss half the fun. Possibly all of it.

This is a fast-paced game and the “random select” button makes it even faster. Faster means more frequent results (or wager outcomes). Faster outcomes are great for the house. For the player, not so much.

As mentioned, once you hit the “Play” button, you’re faced with the timeless decision (wait for it): Rock. Scissors. Or paper.

Because this is a completely skill-based game, consider your choice wisely!

After studying zero-sum games and the Nash equilibrium, we have determined we’re just using these terms to try and impress you.

Imagine skimming this article, reading that thing about “skill-based game” and actually believing, “This is a skill-based game! Just like the claw game! I’m going to best this machine—which is equipped with a Random Number Generator—by use of my stunning intellect and intuition!” Good luck with that.

Once you make your selection, the game tells you immediately if you’ve “tied,” won or lost. If you win, the wheel tells you how many credits you’ll receive.

If you tie, the screen says, “Tie! Prize Level Up,” and the values on the prize wheel increase. The prizes on the wheel can increase up to five times the original values.  There’s a message above the wheel telling you the wheel “level.” This can happen several times and it really builds up the suspense. Also, we completely missed this feature when we were playing. The bottom line is ties are a really good thing, and five ties is especially awesome (assuming you win on your final try).

Presumably, a player should have a one-in-three chance of winning (as the options are rock, paper and scissors). We suspect that’s not entirely the case when the game is played on a slot machine. Think of it as red and black on roulette. It feels 50/50, but the casino always has a built-in edge (in roulette, it’s the zero, double zero and sometimes triple zero).

Here’s a video of our first encounter with Rock, Scissors, Paper as we try to figure out the game. We aren’t particularly swift, so if we can get it, you can, too.

Please note our selections are not merely random, they are data-driven, in conjunction with years of experience in the gaming sphere.

Most of the win amounts are, as they say in the casino world, “petite.” The bigger prizes on the wheel are 125 and 250 credits, but there are also jewels that correspond to bigger prizes (progressive amounts).

Slot players will recognize these as “Major” and “Minor” jackpots. On the day we played, the top prize was more than $5,000, the minor jackpot was $258.

With Rock, Paper, Scissors, “handpay” takes on a whole new meaning.

The constant “Go, go, go!” definitely adds a lot to the experience, and by “a lot” we mean annoyance.

We found it hard to visually track the yellow prize selector on the wheel, which is supposed to be a key reason you’re playing this game in the first place.

The game is visually appealing, and seemed to be getting some decent play during our visit.

The game gets repetitious very quickly, but one might say that about any slot machine.

We trust when you see this machine at other casinos, it won’t have the Vegas Vickie artwork. Big downside for other casinos, because she is lovely.

Inside baseball: The Rock, Paper, Scissors slot sits in a Muso Curve 55HB cabinet. Feel free to use that fun fact to impress the ladies. Just kidding. If you know that fun fact, you’re highly unlikely to ever come into contact with any ladies.

Our first impression of the Rock, Paper, Scissors slot is it’s another novelty game like Go Go Claw. We predicted Go Go Claw was a flash in the pan that would tank badly. Do not let the fact Go Go Claw has performed spectacularly (and can now be found everywhere in Las Vegas) undermine the fact we are a noted gaming expert.

We are a reel slot devotee, so novelty games like Rock, Paper, Scissors don’t get a lot of our disposable income.

The nostalgia aspect could draw players initially, but if they don’t see the potential for big wins, interest is likely to fade quickly.

It’s worth noting the introduction of Rock, Paper, Scissors means a whopping 40 percent of the oddball casino games predicted by “Vegas Vacation” now exist in real world casinos. In the movie, there was a game called “Rock, Scissors, Paper” (Aruze cleverly sidestepped that legal minefield) and, of course, War. “Guess Which Hand,” “Coin Toss” and “Pick a Number Between 1 and 10” are in the works, we trust.

If you give Rock, Paper, Scissors a go, let us know what you think.

The machines are on the first floor of Circa, not far from the player’s club desk.


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