Raised by Wolves Bar Opens at Downtown’s Neonopolis

The one thing you can say with certainty about downtown’s Neonopolis mall is it’s never not trying.

The newest venture to open at Neonopolis is Raised by Wolves, a new bar tucked about as far back in the shopping complex as possible without being in the Gold Spike.

Raised by Wolves is next to The Nerd, a quirky bar with a giant penis you can ride like a mechanical bull. We are not making this up.

They should’ve invited Will Ferrell to the opening of Raised by Wolves. (We’ll wait.)

Being tucked away at Neonopolis feels intentional. Raised by Wolves has a local bar vibe, and could end up being a fun discovery for those looking for an escape from the crazy energy on Fremont Street.

The one thing the bar’s location guarantees is low rent, often a key factor in a venue’s success.

Raised by Wolves comes from owner Nick Field of World Crawl Entertainment, and his business partner, Mike Hofbauer. World Crawl hosts nightclub and pool crawls.

There’s a link to the Raised by Wolves on the World Crawl site, but there’s not much there there.

Which is sort of how Raised by Wolves feels at the moment.

The liquor selection is limited, and we were told the signature cocktail menu is still in the works.

You can never have too many bars to crawl downtown.

The bar staff is friendly, though, which makes up for a lot.

The prices are about what you’d expect on Fremont Street.

The decor at Raised by Wolves hews strictly to the wolf theme.

There’s also an Uncle Hugh (as in Jackman), natch.

Field says, “The idea is that we were all raised by wolves and can be rowdy and wild while having a good time at the new space.”


There are TVs, but not the intrusive kind. The music is eclectic and, thankfully, played at a volume where conversation is still possible.

There’s a small stage at Raised by Wolves, and the plan is to have DJs and live music. The bar will presumably “transform into an ultra-lounge after 10:00 p.m. on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.”

There’s another Raised by Wolves bar in La Jolla, California, no affiliation.

Fun fact: Wolves have better accuracy than most men in Las Vegas restrooms.

Neonopolis has had its ups and downs over the years, with a good deal of tenant churn.

A cannabis museum bailed, replaced by a Dick’s Last Resort. Ditto a great video arcade on the mall’s first floor. (Owners found working with Neonopolis management challenging.) The Nerd has a following, as does Cat’s Meow, a karaoke lounge. Cat’s Meow, The Nerd, Notoriety theaters and Raised by Wolves are all the beneficiaries of a new, one-way escalator that provides easier access to upper levels of the mall for those passing by on Fremont Street.

Raised by Wolves could give visitors another reason to venture inside Neonopolis.

Given the cavalcade of great, quirky bars downtown, it will be interesting to see if Raised by Wolves can stand out from the pack.