Progress Report: Checking in On the MGM-AEG Arena

We sure wish MGM and AEG would get a naming sponsor for the new MGM-AEG arena behind New York-New York, because then we’d have something better to call it than “the MGM-AEG arena behind New York-New York.”

The arena, which will be home to a brand spanking new NHL team, likely to be called the Black Knights, is coming along nicely. Thankfully, MGM and AEG were nice enough to build their new arena next to the New York-New York self-parking garage, so there’s easy access for progress report photos.

MGM AEG arena
We can already smell the pricey popcorn and hot dogs, can’t you?

The MGM-AEG arena will seat 20,000 people and is expected to open in the spring of 2016 at a cost of $375 million. Unless they decide to install upgraded cabinet and drawer pulls, then it’ll be closer to $376 million.

Get more information at the official site.

Here’s another look at the entire construction site. Or see our last update to compare and contrast.

MGM-AEG arena Las Vegas
The new arena is on a 16-acre site which will be connected to The Strip with a Linq-like outdoor retail center called “The Park.”

It’s too early to worry about traffic and parking. You’d think. MGM-AEG have apparently thought through some parking options, including at CityCenter, New York-New York, Excalibur and another small lot to the south of the arena.

We look forward to seeing this new arena spring to life over the next year. And not just because we love stadium popcorn and hot dogs. Probably.