Podcast, Ep. 155: Station Casinos Charms Players, Plaza Gets Busy and More

It’s another thrilling episode of the podcast with more underwhelm per square inch than any other Las Vegas podcast!

In this episode, we go charms deep into a new diversion for players at local casinos in the Station Casinos family. Since Station rolled out its STN Charms, there’s been a good deal of confusion about what they are, how they work and why anyone should care.

We have a very simple, in this case visual, answer. Since most people no longer read.

Actual results may vary. It’s still gambling.

On the show, we chat with Pat Gordon, Director of Innovation of Station Casinos, about STN Charms so you know what you’re talking about before declaring how much you don’t like them.

STN Charms are basically virtual lucky charms, like gamblers sometimes carry on their persons. Lucky pennies, stuffed animals, we’ve seen it all.

Now, members of the Station Casinos players club can collect and level up digital lucky charms. Or they can ignore them entirely.

We have personally found them to be both: 1) lucky, and 2) a great conversation starter (and excuse to talk to attractive bartenders and cocktail servers).

Also on the show, we speak with Plaza CEO Jonathan Jossel about all the new venues in the works at the downtown casino.

Plaza will soon debut its new Carousel Bar, Pinkbox Doughnuts, Oscar’s patio and smoke-free casino expansion.

We get all the skinny on opening dates and how these new offerings could draw new guests and give longtime customers new options at Plaza.

Also on this episode: We spend upwards of two minutes talking about the latest Oakland A’s news. While it’s been announced the MLB team will move to Las Vegas, it’s anything but a done deal.

Sports isn’t our wheelhouse, but since we shared the team would be moving to Vegas two years ago, we get to add our two cents.

We took 20 minutes to create this graphic, so we’re damned well going to use it.

In this week’s listicle, we finish off our list of “One Thing at Every Las Vegas Casino.” From the Lady Liberty made from licorice at New York-New York to a severed shark at Palms, from Silverton’s mermaids to an ancient carved woolly mammoth tusk at TI, these are the first things that leap to our mind when we think of our town’s casinos. We’d love to hear yours.

Podcasts are a great excuse to use ear buds to avoid human interaction, so take a listen!