Particle Ink Moves Into Luxor

Particle Ink, a thing we don’t entirely understand, opens at Luxor on April 20, 2024.

The “mind-bending trip into the 2.5th dimension” previously happened in downtown’s Art District, under the name “Particle Ink: Speed of Dark.” People who saw it said they enjoyed it.

Now, it’s “Particle Ink: House of Shattered Prisms.” If it’s one thing Luxor is known for, it’s artsy experiences! Let’s learn more, shan’t we?

On the bright side, shattered prisms are only three years of bad luck. For our fellow youths, mirrors are bad luck for seven years. You know, like an iPhone screen.

We were the first to share Particle Ink would relocate to Luxor, of course.

Despite our uncanny ability to know everything, we still can’t get a fix on what Particle Ink actually is. Then again, we got a liberal arts degree.

Let’s grab some descriptive copy from the Luxor Web site: “‘Particle Ink: House of Shattered Prisms’ is an all-new 360-degree experience opening on April 20, 2024. This one-of-a-kind experience takes you on a mind-bending trip into the 2.5th dimension, like stepping into a graphic novel come to life. With two distinct journeys to choose from, ‘House of Shattered Prisms’ has options for all ages.”

See, it’s not us, it’s them!

Let’s copy and paste further: “The Wanderlust experience gives visitors the option to choose-their-own-adventure through the space while engaging with magical, interactive and projection-mapped technology. During the evening hours, Wanderlust experience transforms to include live performances, acrobatics and seamlessly blended tech. The journey through this 75-minute live performance reveals the deepest secrets of the House of Shattered Prisms, it is sure to leave everyone who witnesses it dazzled and dazed.”

Look, we know how hard marketing copywriting can be. Before becoming a professional smartass, we were a marketing copywriter. You want to make the show or attraction (we aren’t sure which this is) enticing, but you don’t want to give too much away.

Also, with things that are creative or artistic, it’s not always easy to describe what you’re going to see or feel.

Particle Ink says it will feel like you’ve “stepped into an animated movie.” This means precisely nothing to normal people.

Here’s the official Particle Ink site in case you’d like to explore further.

In Particle Ink’s “FAQS” (please stop doing that, “FAQ” means “frequently asked questions,” it’s not “frequently asked questionses.), they wisely ask themselves, “WTF is it?”

The answer: “One magical venue, two epic adventures. Created by the LightPoets and presented by Kaleidoco, ‘House of Shattered Prisms’ is the newest immersive experience from the Particle Ink universe exclusively at Luxor Hotel and Casino.”

Tell us more!

“During the day, the Wanderlust experience is a fully immersive self-guided choose your own adventure through the House of Shattered Prisms. Guests dive deep into the story world of Particle Ink while engaging with magical, interactive technology. Download the Wanderlust app and bring your headphones to access the full augmented reality experience. At night, the Show takes you on a mind-bending trip into the 2.5th dimension, like stepping into an animated movie. Particle Ink ignites the senses with an immersive show that combines dynamic live performers, acrobatics, and magical technology that converge in a captivating 75-minute journey that unveils the deepest secrets of the 2.5th dimension.”

It’s like interrogating Hannibal Lecter, but without the bite mask.

What is Particle Ink? Who knows, but it looks cool. Here’s Particle Ink at TED.

Here’s someone talking about “Speed of Dark,” the previous iteration of the whatever it is.

Tickets start at $27 for the Wanderlust thing, and $67 for the other thing. That sounds like a value when it comes to Las Vegas attractions and shows.

We tend to be skeptical about interactive venues, but Play Playground (a lounge with games for adults, $37 weekdays to get in, $49 on weekends) recently opened at Luxor and is absolutely crushing it. Yes, we’re going to do a story at some point, but we wanted to see the Velcro suit wall in action first. Despite our best efforts, we had a blast.

We want everyone to succeed, immersive or not, so we’re hoping Particle Ink can get a better handle on how to describe and market itself. If it’s awesome, buzz will build, as it has for Play Playground. If not, the ink will turn red, and nobody wants that.