Outdoor Skydiving Attraction and Restaurant Confirmed for Neonopolis

Good luck keeping a secret in Las Vegas. We shared word of a new outdoor skydiving attraction in downtown Las Vegas back in July 2022.

Now, the scoop about Aero Vegas been confirmed, with more details about the adrenaline junkie-friendly venue and its adjoining restaurant/nightclub and bar, CrashNBurn.

Aero Vegas and CrashNBurn are set to open in the fall of 2023, but given it’s Neonopolis, the smart money’s on “whenever, if ever.”

If CrashNBurn doesn’t pan out, our headline will sort of write itself.

The CrashNBurn restaurant and bar will be located on the third floor of Neonopolis, a shopping center next to the SlotZilla zipline tower.

As we also shared last year, the restaurant will be in the former Telemundo headquarters space.

The news release has all the usual fluffery, “CrashNBurn is not your average bar or restaurant; it’s a destination in itself, with many Instagrammable opportunities to capture the memorable experiences. Situated on the third floor with the largest patio overlooking the iconic Fremont Street, guests will be treated to awe-inspiring views of Las Vegas’ dazzling lights and energetic ambiance. The indoor/outdoor bar serves up dazzling cocktails and ice-cold beers, while the restaurant’s tailored menu satisfies all culinary cravings. The VIP event space, with an integrated outdoor patio lounge, is the perfect setting for enjoying happy hour with friends, watching the games or celebrating special occasions.”

You know, a restaurant and bar.

In the evenings, CrashNBurn turns into a 21-plus nightclub.

While we enjoy food and drink as much as anybody, the real star of the show will be Aero Vegas, billed as “the world’s first rooftop open-air skydiving experience.”

According to the developers, “Imagine the thrill of skydiving without ever leaving the safety of solid ground. Guests will fly and soar against the stunning Las Vegas skyline, experiencing an adrenaline rush like never before.”

A.I. hates it when we don’t include it in our stories, so here’s a guy enjoying bar food while illegally skydiving through clouds.

We first got wind of the attraction from Jonathan Borchetta, co-owner of The Nerd, a nightlife venue at Neonopolis. Borchetta was also co-owner of the now-closed Voodoo Zipline at Rio.

The Nerd has survived for years, despite being buried deep inside Neonopolis, so we have high hopes for Borchetta’s new venture.

Fun fact: The Nerd has a mechanical “bull” shaped like a giant penis.

The nearby SlotZilla has been printing money for years, so Aero Vegas appears to want a piece of that action.

The attraction is, technically, a skydiving simulator.

There’s another skydiving venue near the Las Vegas Convention Center, Vegas Indoor Skydiving.

The prices at Aero Vegas haven’t been announced yet, but sessions at Vegas Indoor Skydiving start at about $100. We’ll put the Aero Vegas over-under at $75. The upper line of SlotZilla is $69. We are not making this up.

Neonopolis can use all the help it can get. The landlord is notoriously challenging to deal with, and there’s been a good degree of churn with tenants over the years. Fremont Arcade, Banger Brewing and Cannabition, a cannabis museum, are among the closed venues.

Watch the official Web site for more news about Aero Vegas and CrashNBurn.