O’Sheas Las Vegas is Back at The Quad and The Linq

It was a big day for O’Sheas fans everywhere as a new iteration of the iconic Las Vegas casino opened at The Quad and The Linq.

The place was packed as soon as it opened, and the shenanigans made famous at the original O’Sheas were back in play at the new establishment.

Lucky's back in action
That’s our Lucky!

Lucky the Leprechaun mounted the bar, as well as female guests, in a time-honored tradition of debauchery we feared might be lost when the new O’Sheas opened. Our fears were unfounded!

O'Sheas Las Vegas
Let’s play! And drink! And mainly that last thing!

The new O’Sheas not only boasts Lucky and his free shots, but also live music and beer pong as the original O’Sheas did for 23 years. A sign from the original O’Sheas has been refurbished for the new establishment. Gone is the leprechaun on top, now it’s a shamrock.

A little old, a little new, a lot hungover.

The original O’Sheas closed in the spring of 2012.

O’Sheas is conveniently located between The Quad and the new Linq dining and entertainment district. (Watch for a post about the Linq soon.)

O'Sheas waitresses
The O’Sheas cocktail waitresses have some snappy new outfits.

As everyone with a hearty liver had hoped, O’Sheas is bringing the hooch in classic style. If you’re curious about the drink menus, we’ve got you covered.

Here are the O’Sheas drink menus for specialty shots and cocktails, daily and Throwback Thursday specials, and the substantial beer menu.

There are three bars at O’Sheas, two inside (Lucky Bar and Dublin Up Bar) and one outside at The Linq, Blarney Bar (see below).

O'Sheas Blarney Bar
Prediction: Blarney Bar at O’Sheas will earn $27.3 million on St. Patrick’s Day 2014.

While the drinks are strong at O’Sheas, we can’t say the same about the gambling, unfortunately. The 15 video poker machines have some fairly disappointing pay tables, and the blackjack tables are all eight deck shoes paying 6-to-5 for blackjack.

O’Sheas has 11 table games, including a few specialty card games (Three Card Poker, Texas Hold’em Bonus and Mississippi Stud), and roulette and craps. We hate when 12 on the field in craps pays double rather than triple, but we’ll play here, anyway. It’s O’Sheas!

Here’s hoping the new O’Sheas has nearly as much mojo as the original.

The good news is the table minimums are reasonable, with most tables at $5 during our first visit.

The odds are fantastic on the O’Sheas beer pong tables, by the way. Pay money, drink beer. That’s a solid return on investment.

O'Sheas beer pong
It’s back, and as trash-talky as ever.

Mostly, it was great seeing Brian Thomas, as Lucky, back doing what he does best!

Lucky the Leprechaun
Lucky’s the man! They pulled out all the stops for his new suit.

We’re pleased and relieved to report O’Sheas is off to a great start, with a boisterous atmosphere (music: 40% too loud, of course), great service and some incredible memories of the O’Sheas of yore. We’re ready to make some new ones at O’Sheas redux.

If you’re having trouble finding O’Sheas, just look for the giant digital marquee outside The Linq!

The Linq marquee
O’Sheas is larger-than-life, once again.

Enjoy a few more photos from the new O’Sheas Las Vegas at The Quad and The Linq! A few may even be in focus.

O'Sheas Las Vegas at The Quad