Offbeat Artisan Hotel to Become Cannabis-Friendly Lexi

The storied Artisan Hotel (“Rent the whole place for $7,500!”) is getting a rebrand to The Lexi.

As if being rebranded with a great stripper name weren’t enough, The Lexi is also being billed as the first cannabis-friendly hotel in Las Vegas.

The Lexi will debut in spring 2023, following a $3 million renovation. Or, as it’s called in the hospitality industry, “good money after bad.”

If at first you don’t succeed, redecorate, redecorate again.

The Artisan was purchased by Pro Hospitality Group for $11.9 million in 2022.

The Artisan was mainly known as being the location for many porn shoots, as well as having invented the irksome “utility surcharge.” It was as stupid as it sounds.

The Lexi will feature a boutique porte cochere.

The Lexi will be part of the Elevations Hotels & Resorts family of quirky hotels you’ve never heard of, probably.

Pro Hospitality Group has a cannabis-friendly hotel in Phoenix called The Clarendon, and it appears The Lexi will follow suit.

Here’s more from the news release: “Embracing its small and cheeky mentality, The Lexi will feature all new guest rooms and suites, including an entire fourth floor that will be designated cannabis-friendly with each room featuring a state-of-the-art RestorAir filtration system that employs Advanced Oxidation Cell (AOC) technology. While normalizing the idea of cannabis in travel, The Lexi is focused on creating a premium hospitality concept for all guests with a promise of delivering personal and superior service, along with a delicious and inspired culinary and cocktail program, and launching a spring/summer pool party season that is designed to provide a high-energy good time.”

Emphasis on “high-energy.” Because cannabis. Kudos for that one, Jeff Wagner Agency.

Here’s another look at one of the rooms.

Doesn’t look like a porn movie set, at all.

Guests will have the option to join something called Elevations Nation, which we don’t entirely grasp.

Per the news release: “The Lexi will ultimately offer a membership initiative that is part of Elevation Hotels & Resorts proprietary program, Elevations Nation; a unique community of individuals with a wanderlust mindset, cannabis enthusiasm, and taste for new experiences. Members will enjoy invitations to inclusive events, wellbeing activities and more.”

So, sort of a weed club.

Here’s more from the Elevations Nation Web site: “We believe in a culture of inclusion and belonging. We do not hold rigidly to a single paradigm or set rules. We believe the best experiences, friendships, and memories are formed in environments that celebrate freedom of expression and exploration. The Elevated Cannabis Club is a community of the canna curious, adventure seekers, and everyone in between. Through sophisticated consumption venues, canna friendly events, and unique member activities Elevations Nation aims be an industry leader in cannabis, hospitality assimilation.”

When it comes to cannabis, resistance is futile.

While we are not a weed person, a lot of people enjoy it (it’s legal in Nevada now, in case you missed the memo), and cannabis lounges are expected to open in 2023. The timing of the debut of the re-imagined Artisan will dovetail nicely into that much-anticipated roll-out.

It’s only $3 million. Lower your expectations.

Because you’ll need to address those munchies, The Lexi will host a new Cajun-inspired steakhouse helmed by Chef Jordan Savell.

Savell appeared on season 19 of “Hell’s Kitchen” and operated a food truck following her stint on the popular series.

The Lexi has a shiny new Web site.

The Artisan/Lexi sits in a challenging location, not too far from The Strip. It’s sort of at the juncture of I-15 and Sahara Ave.

The Artisan has been through a lot, so we’re glad to see it getting a refresh and a marketing hook that’s something other than adult entertainment. All due respect to porn.

It’s been years since we visited Artisan, but when The Lexi is unveiled, we’ll definitely check it out again. Almost forgot, they redesigned the Artisan Bar & Lounge, too. If this renovation is lipstick on a pig, that’s a shade we’re going to love.