If You Missed This Restaurant Opening, We’ll Help You Ketchup

Oh, hamburgers. Your allure is timeless. Now, there’s a new place to consume you, at the just-opened Ketchup in The Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood.

Ketchup Las Vegas
It’s a restaurant in a mall! See, when you use exclamation points, it’s more exciting.

We popped in to get a look at this new burger joint, recently, one we’re happy also features a bar. The bar is accessible from the mall side or the restaurant side.

Ketchup Las Vegas
Because Las Vegas.

Ketchup keeps its menu simple, with burgers and dogs taking center stage. Check out the Ketchup menu on the restaurant’s slender, but official site.

Most of the burgers run in the $11 range, which, as you might suspect, translates as “we didn’t actually eat there.” The burgers have names like “Hot Mess” and “Wakey Wakey” and “Morning Glory.”

Ketchup menu
That sound you hear is a Las Vegas blog nodding off.

Ketchup touts its milkshakes, including the option of Spiked Milkshakes (as well as virgin). The shakes with liquor include the “Loopy,” “Dirty Pretzel” and “Tipsy Gorilla,” which, to our mind, sound like positions in the “Kama Sutra.”

Ketchup Las Vegas
Sort of like the Dale Chihuly flowers in the lobby of Bellagio, but, you know, ketchup.

Sides include panko-crusted onion rings and a variety of fries (French, chili cheese, poutine and sweet potato).

The only things we saw at Ketchup that made us want to return even a little were some interactive screens that have the potential to let us order without talking to a person. Unfortunately, the screen weren’t working.

Ketchup Las Vegas
A glimmer of hope, dashed.

Oh, well, not every restaurant opening in Vegas is going to have a “wow” factor. We recommend hiring some pandas.

Ketchup Las Vegas