Lucky Bastard Wins $2.1 Million Jackpot at Cosmopolitan

A player at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas hit the kind of jackpot all gamblers pine for on April 25, 2021.

The jackpot was for more than $2.1 million ($2,101,093.50 to be exact).

Technically, “Millionsaire.”

We first heard about the win on Twitter via @SlotWinsByChico, but rest assured Cosmo will be sending out a news release about the win within the next few days.

The big win was on a Monopoly Millionaire machine, and the winning bet was a mere $4. (The player put a total of $40 in the machine.)

According to our horrible math, that’s a 52,500,000% return on investment.

Whenever a bigass jackpot hits, we get lots of questions about how much the player actually keeps.

Right off the top, there’s 27% in federal taxes withheld.

For a really big jackpot, like Megabucks, players get the option of receiving a lump sum or annuity. For a $2 million jackpot, the player probably took a lump sum, less the 27% deducted by The Man ($567,295), leaving the lucky bastard (a visitor from Alaska) about $1,533,798. Ish.

That’s a lot of Holsteins burgers.

It’s worth noting the Cosmopolitan doesn’t pay a big jackpot like this, the slot maker does. In this case, SG Gaming.

If you hit a big jackpot, settle in, as the paperwork can sometimes take hours.

The prospect of winning big is part of what makes Vegas so Vegas, and we’re pretty sure the lucky winner at Cosmopolitan is still in a state of shock.

The dream of snagging a massive slot jackpot is alive and well in Las Vegas!