It’s Official: Ghostbar Reopens at Palms on Aug. 3

A popular lounge is reopening at Palms after being closed since March 2020.

Ghostbar reopens at the off-Strip resort on August 3, 2022.

Ghosts don’t exist, but spirits do. Palms should totally use that in their advertising.

Palms reopened on April 27, 2022, under new ownership, the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians.

The return of Ghostbar comes as no surprise to anyone who reads this blog, of course. We told you it was coming back. In January. Please keep up.

Ghostbar originally opened in 2001. Where in the hell has the time gone? That was a great year for movies. “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone,” “Shrek” and “Lord of the Rings” were released in 2001. Oh, and “Fast & Furious,” a film that single-handedly make everyone dumber overnight. So, let’s just call 2001 a mixed bag, moviewise.

Ghostbar is billed as being on the 55th floor of Palms, providing a spectacular view of The Strip.


In Las Vegas, you never actually know what floor something is on. That’s because hotels often skip the fourth floor, the 13th, and often entire batches of floors starting with 4. Superstition.

So, let’s just say Ghostbar is on the “55thish” floor of Palms.

Guests get into Ghostbar via a private elevator and it’s the outdoor deck that makes the lounge special.

As is required for any announcement of anything in Las Vegas, Ghostbar’s news release has quite a bit of nonsense: “Unlike other nightspots in Las Vegas, Ghostbar’s DNA will be based on a concept that is exclusively inclusive.”

Ghostbar will have DJs, it’s the law, and a performer named Midnight Skye, real name Skye Dee Miles.

We’re already having fun and we’re literally looking at a photo.

Miles has performed at various venues in Las Vegas since 2005, including Sin City Theater at Planet Hollywood. She was also in “Menopause: The Musical.”

Most recently, she did a stint at Rose.Rabbit.Lie. before it closed at Cosmopolitan, and appears in the Shag Room at Virgin.

Miles will be joined by “live bands, sultry dancers, specialty acts and surprise guests,” according to the news release.

It sounds a little like a supper club, with a cabaret vibe, just without the supper.

The libations will be a focal point of Ghostbar, of course. Here’s a look at the specialty cocktails.

We will attempt to work our way through all these. The sacrifices we make for you.

The drink menu includes “Large Format Cocktails,” mainly because you sort of can’t put “Bigass Cocktails” on a drink menu.

The “Large Format Cocktails” include Witches Brew ($95) and Ghosting ($110), featuring a “Tableside Batch Kegarator” and Ghost tequila.

Ghostbar will also have “Ghost Flights.” Here’s what’s available, along with the fancy cognac options.

We like our liquor fresh, rather than years old, but you do you.

Bottle service will be offered, of course, with the usual suspects (vodka, tequila, whiskey and Scotch), with prices in the $130 (375 ml. Grey Goose) to $300 (750 ml. Ketel One) range.

Fun fact: On Oct. 1, 1976, the liquor industry officially went metric. Weird.

The world of liquor measurement is fascinating, and the names of liquor measurements are simply amazing. There’s the gill, pony, snit, firkin, growler, hogshead and stubby.

In the beer realm, there’s a “butt” and “tun.” We are not making this up. A “butt” is three barrels. A “tun” is two “butts.” Someday, we are going to order a “butt tun” of beer, just to see what reaction it gets from the bartender.

Ghostbar should be a much-needed boost for Palms, which has had some challenges finding its footing after reopening.

For the most part, Palms is a locals casino, and during the closure and change of ownership, locals meandered off to other casinos. Locals are creatures of habit, so it’s been an uphill battle luring them back.

The tribe is making a smart move reopening Ghostbar, as it’s a familiar brand with lots of existing goodwill.

As mentioned, the view is easily one of the best in Las Vegas, and if Palms can deliver on a great experience, party people should flock back. The restaurant collection at Palms is strong, so guests should have a reason to stick around.

Ghostbar is back in the mix starting August 3, 2022.