Here’s What’s Up With the Cookie Shot Robot at Caesars Palace

There was quite a bit of hoopla when Dominique Ansel’s bakery opened at Caesars Palace.

Dominique Ansel, of course, is the inventor of the Cronut—part doughnut, part croissant and part portmanteau, a word we use almost exclusively to make us sound smarter than we really are.

A lot of carb fans lost their minds when we broke the story Ansel would be opening a shop in Las Vegas, months before it was officially announced, as is our way. The bakery opened in Oct. 2022.

A fun feature of the new sweet shop is a robot that makes “Cookie Shots,” so we figured it was about time to check it out.

Our robot overlords are charming and helpful. Related: That’s what they WANT us to think.

Guests order the cookie shot on their phones, and the cost is $8.66 after tax. You can pay by credit/debit card, or charge the shot to your room.

As soon as your order is placed, the robot goes into action.

Here’s a look a the shot preparation process.

The robot’s movements are slow and deliberate, because the cost of your shot isn’t really about the shot, it’s about the show (as it the case at Tipsy Robot, a cocktail-making robot at Planet Hollywood, with another location coming to Venetian soon).

The “Cookie Shot” consists of a chocolate-flavored cup filled with milk.

Sorry, here’s the official description: “Introducing the world’s first fully automated cookie shot vending machine featuring Dominique Ansel’s culinary creation powered by Robochef’s SmartKiosk technology. The robot holds an inventory of delicate handmade cookie shots and precisely fills them with chilled Madagascan vanilla milk that you can order.”

Yeah, its just milk.

On the bright side, the robot shots are family-friendly, so have at it, you little bastards.

The “cookie” aspect is a little misleading, as the cup isn’t so much a cookie as a chocolate cracker, one of our favorite oxymorons of all time.

We trust there’s some science to creating an edible shot glass, including having to make it sturdy enough for a robot to handle. A soft cookie vessel would be infinitely better than the hard version, but then milk would be everywhere.

It’s a challenge to sip the milk while nibbling at the chocolate cup, but a proper mixture of flavors is important. Drinking the milk like a shot, then eating the cup, would be weird.

The milk does start to ooze into the shell a bit as you go along, but who has time to wait?

As noted in the video, the robot has a blue ribbon and pink ribbon, which is adorable given the machine appears to identify as at least two of the roughly 16 genders now in existence.

No tip jar, weird.

Even later in the evening, a crowd gathers to watch the shot preparation, so the machine is a great marketing tool for Dominique Ansel’s bakery.

We were a little confused about how a customer knows the shot is theirs, but it’s sort of the honor system, as anyone could come up and take the shot after the little door opens.

The “Cookie Shot” at Dominique Ansel bakery isn’t going to win any awards for its deliciousness, but that’s not really the point. It’s an experience.

We love a good novelty, and the price of the “Cookie Shot” isn’t outrageous.

If you’re into quality sweets, though, make your way into the shop itself. There’s an impressive array of “Grammable” dessert items, including a number of exclusive temptations whipped up by Dominique Ansel and the Caesars Entertainment food and beverage team.

If you’re in the neighborhood, have $8 to blow and enjoy a good conversation starter, you may just want to give Dominique Ansel’s robot a shot.