Here’s What John Travolta Did in Las Vegas to Celebrate His 69th Birthday

John Travolta, famed Scientologist and star of “Battlefield Earth” and several other films and T.V. series, recently celebrated his 69th birthday in Las Vegas. Travolta’s birthday is Feb. 18.

Travolta enjoyed a “Viva Las Vegas”-themed visit to Sin City with his daughter, Ella, and a group of friends.

When we started this story, we thought it was just going to be an excuse to make a 69 joke. But, wait, there’s more. While a number of news outlets shared the birthday excursion, they didn’t get into the specifics of what Travolta and his squad did when they were in Las Vegas. We’ve got this.

John Travolta had birthday cake at Cipriani Italian Restaurant at Wynn. Now, you know more than People magazine.

Travolta shared a montage of his Las Vegas visit on Instagram, and it’s a glimpse into what it’s like to be get the VIP treatment when super rich and famous. We’ll share some screen grabs from the video here in case you aren’t an Instagram person.

The video starts with a tweaked version of a classic TWA ad with the words “Fly Travolta World Airlines” added. Travolta is an accomplished pilot.

The video is set to “Viva Las Vegas,” of course.

Travolta’s video shows his fellow birthday celebrants, formally dressed, enjoying some quintessential Las Vegas pursuits.

Confirmed: Everyone wants to direct.

Travolta and friends are seen schmoozing on a private jet, sipping cocktails at a supper club (Delilah at Wynn Las Vegas), as well as playing blackjack in Wynn’s high limit salon.

Obviously, John Travolta is not a card counter.

Dice were also on the agenda.

Remember, unless you’re friends with a famous guy, you can’t hold the dice away from the table or out of view of casino staff! Ahem, this dude.

It’s good to know a guy.

Travolta also took in a show. The show was “Love” at Mirage.

We’ve seen “Love” and we don’t recognize any of this.

Travolta and his daughter are also seen dancing in a hallway at Wynn, near a Tower Suites sign. No pressure, Ella.

These two are adorable.

As mentioned in an earlier caption which you breezed right by, based upon the video, Travolta and friends had birthday cake in a private room at the popular Cipriani restaurant in Wynn Plaza.

Like so many Las Vegas visits, John Travolta’s was far too short.

The video ends with what’s meant to be a fond farewell to Vegas, but Travolta left during the day, so this is actually video of the arrival. Cunning.

We kid John Travolta about the “Battlefield Earth” thing, but he’s a beloved screen icon. We’re not even sure he’s a Scientologist anymore.

Whatever Travolta’s personal WTF (shout-out to cults invented by science fiction writers), we applaud his decision to celebrate his 69th birthday in Las Vegas.

Viva Danny Zuko, Vincent Vega, Tony Manero, Vinnie Barbarino and Las Vegas.

Update (2/23/23): Our story originally shared Travolta and his party saw “Awakening” at Wynn Las Vegas. This was conveyed by a well-placed source at Wynn, although the resort doesn’t officially confirm the activities of its celebrity guests. Another source later communicated the show was actually “Love” at Mirage, which was confirmed by yet another source, a performer at Cirque. So, we’re going with “Love.”


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