Guns N’ Roses Return to Hard Rock for Las Vegas Residency

All signs are pointing to Guns N’ Roses returning to the Hard Rock Hotel for a Las Vegas residency in spring of 2014.

The band did a 12-show Las Vegas stint back in 2012, and has been teasing new shows through social media, including on the Hard Rock’s Facebook page.

"Mixed reviews, schmixed schremiews." ~Guns N' Roses fans
Las Vegas oddsmakers say “Paradise City” will close the show.

The first Guns N’ Roses run in Vegas grossed $1.6 million, and drew close to 18,000 people, at least six of whom managed to avoid permanent cochlear damage. We kid! No, but really.

Fans have been encouraged to text “GNR” to 97580 so they’ll be the first to hear the specifics when they’re announced.

Our insider sources (the Interwebs) are saying an announcement will happen Feb. 10, with shows running May 21 and June 7, 2014.