Gird Your Loins: Vital Vegas Strikes Partnership with

What a thrilling time to be us. And possibly you. Here’s why.

The Vital Vegas blog, in all its first person plural glory, has entered into a partnership with popular casino news Web site,

What does that mean? It means Vital Vegas is about to get bigger, better, faster, more visually appealing and inside scoopy than ever.

Vital Vegas logo
Our new logo is optimized for speed. You knew damn well we weren’t getting rid of the Googie stars.

The biggest change you’ll notice as a result of this new partnership is Vital Vegas will now be found at You can still type in, but you can also enter It’s not live yet, so cool your jets, or whatever the kids are saying now. Chillax?

Vital Vegas will be moving to in the next few days, and we couldn’t be more engorged about it. (Note: During the transition, the comments section won’t be available. Feel free to share any adulation after comments are back online.)

Longtime Vital Vegas fans will note the blog is getting a major design overhaul. Now, you can stop your whining that our site looked like it was “hastily slapped together by an inebriated blogger.”


What’s not happening? What’s not happening is any change to the content of this blog.

We’ll continue to have 100 percent editorial control of our content once it’s on They’re cool like that. is a great source of news about Las Vegas and gambling around the world. We anticipate it’s continued success despite our involvement.

This partnership means we will continue to be completely independent, financially and otherwise, from any Las Vegas casino or any other Las Vegas entity, as has always been the case.

It means we will continue to be untainted by any form of sponsorships or advertising.

We get to keep providing the unvarnished news, reviews and scoop others can’t.

We will continue to be an independent voice helping you squeeze the most out of your Las Vegas visit.

We will bring you the exclusive scoop you’ve come to know and love.

We will keep stirring the pot. Somebody’s got to do it.

Vital Vegas mission statement
Our mission statement stands, so please maintain the same low expectations.

In case you still have questions, we have compiled a Q&A related to our new partnership with

Q. Is anyone going to stop you from making 69 jokes or using phrases like “metric ass-ton” now?
A. Hell, no.

Q. Is there going to be a paywall to see Vital Vegas now?
A. No, that’s weird. Vital Vegas has always been free and will continue to be completely ad-free on

Q. has a lot of information about online casinos. If I want to gamble online, how do I do it?
A. No idea! We are a Las Vegas blog.

Q. It’s about time. Your site design sucked!
A. All questions must be in the form of a question.

Q. Is the Vital Vegas Twitter account going away? How about the podcast? YouTube and Pinterest and Instagram?
A. Nope, they’re all part of the partnership and will continue in their infinite mediocrity moving forward.

Q. Do you have to wear a suit now?
A. You’re joking, right?

Q. Are you at least going to wear collared shirts?
A. If you don’t stop with this line of questioning, we are going to end this Q&A right here.

Q. Are you still a shill for the casinos?
A. We have no business relationships with any Las Vegas casinos, and never have. We are so happy to finally never have to answer that idiotic question again. All due respect.

Q. Did it occur to you I don’t care about any of this?
A. Yes. But if you don’t care, why have you read this far?

Q. What is
A. It’s a few things. You can find out more on the “About Us” page of It’s a guide to online casino sites, but also one of the premier sources of casino and gambling news. has an excellent blog, although, we find the lack of snark disorienting. felt it was time to feature a Vegas specialist, as Las Vegas is the center of the gambling universe. We are that. Bonus: Copious smartassery.

If you have additional questions, drop them in the comments or send them to We are available for interviews. And foot rubs. Whatever you’re into.

You are free to ask, but no, we can’t get into the financial details of the partnership.

Vital Vegas yacht
It’s on the Internet, it must be real.

Since its inception in July 2013, Vital Vegas has been a hobby, a one man show.

Vital Vegas has always been a labor of love, and that not changing.

The partnership with allows us to devote our attention to Vital Vegas full-time, as opposed to trying to squeeze it in on nights and weekends.

We can’t thank you enough for your ongoing support of our efforts, because without you, there would be no Las Vegas, and by extension, no all of this. We’re excited about what’s next, both for Las Vegas and Vital Vegas.

While our blog has a new home, look forward to seeing more of all the things you pretend to love about Vital Vegas.

The party is just getting started and you’re the guest of honor.