The Who at Fremont Street Experience Las Vegas: An Exclusive First Look, Unless That Sounds Too Boasty

The Fremont Street Experience in downtown Las Vegas took its newest show, featuring the legendary rock band The Who, for a secretive test drive on its massive Viva Vision screen, and we were there to capture some of the stunning sights and sounds.

The Who Viva Vision show
We knew we’d see The Who, we just didn’t know The When. The Who’s show premiered at midnight on Nov. 12, 2013.

The new show, created in collaboration with The Who and lead singer Roger Daltrey, features three of the group’s most celebrated hits: “I Can See for Miles,” “Pinball Wizard” and “My Generation” (in that order).

Here’s a first look at the psychedelic new Fremont Street Experience show. This is the first time it’s been seen on the Interwebs.

Back in August, 2013, Roger Daltrey (pictured below) made a visit to the Fremont Street Experience to announce this colorful new presentation, titled “The Who: Miles Over Vegas.”

The Who, of course, also included guitarist Pete Townshend, bassist John Entwistle and drummer Keith Moon.

Roger Daltrey The Who
From Roger Daltrey’s youthful appearance, someone appears to be bathing regularly in the breast milk of virgins. Or something.

The Who segment features Pop Art animation and vintage performance footage. Yes, we recognize Pop Art when we see it, not just because the news release identified it as such, but because we vaguely remember taking an art class in college.

The Fremont Street Experience light show takes place on the world’s largest video screen known as Viva Vision. The Viva Vision screen is 90 feet tall, even in flats, and is 1,500 feet long.

The Who’s music surrounds visitors with 208 speakers that produce 550,000 watts of concert-quality sound. All right, that part we got straight from the news release. So, sue us.

Now that it’s been put through its paces, the new Viva Vision segment with The Who will begin appearing regularly in the Fremont Street Experience rotation. Other shows include the music of Bon Jovi, Queen, The Doors and Heart.

The Who at Fremont Street Experience
Oh, it gets groovy, man.

Fremont Street Experience works closely with the bands or their representatives featured on the big screen to ensure the shows are as unforgettable as the groups they highlight.

The Fremont Street Experience light show is easily one of the best free things to do in Las Vegas, so don’t miss The Who in their all-new show, downtown.