First Word: Kestrel Planned for Area 15

Our crush on Area 15—the quirky, “experiential” mall two minutes west of the Las Vegas Strip—is officially maturing into full-fledged love with word of yet another restaurant coming to the popular destination.

Kestrel, described as a “cyberpunk dim sum bar,” is expected to open in early 2022.

It’s rare when you visit somewhere and see things you’ve never seen before. Area 15 is pretty much all that.

A kestrel is a small falcon. Falcons symbolize ambition, superiority, freedom and victory. They’re also a blast at parties, unless you keep mice as pets.

Kestrel is the newest concept from powerhouse entrepreneur Ryan Doherty.

Doherty’s Oddwood lounge is the centerpiece of Area 15, and he also operates Museum Fiasco. Museum Fiasco is the first Kunsthalle-style museum in Las Vegas, whatever that might actually be.

All we know is it’s cool.

Area 15 isn’t your average shopping mall. We are a huge fan of the mind-bending Omega Mart, as well as the next generation VR attraction, Virtualis. We also really like the bar inside the ax throwing place.

Area 15 seems an ideal playground for Ryan Doherty, as his concepts are often offbeat and creative.

Doherty has a cavalcade of offerings downtown, including the newly-opened Peyote restaurant.

Doherty also has Commonwealth, Park on Fremont, Lucky Day and Discopussy.

Discopussy’s restroom is a glimpse into Ryan Doherty’s brain.

In the works on Fremont Street are also Cheap Shot, a theater space (formerly Don’t Tell Mama), and We All Scream, a nightclub with an ice cream window, in the former Beauty Bar space.

We honestly have no idea what a “cyberpunk dim sum bar” is, or could be, which is part of the fun.

Watch for an official announcement of Kestrel soon. If you know this blog at all, you know waiting for official announcements isn’t how we roll. Thank you for the kind words. You can also leave them in the comments. Just saying.