Exhibition City: The Biggest Las Vegas Project You Haven’t Heard About Yet

We’ve got the scoop on the biggest Las Vegas development project you haven’t heard about!

How do we know you haven’t heard about it? Because we haven’t, and we know everything.

Behold Exhibition City, a massive, 240-acre project proposed for just south of the Las Vegas Strip.

Exhibition City Las Vegas
Part retail, part arena, part hotel-casino, part auto pavilion, whatever that might actually be.

Details of the project are few, which would tend to make our WTF senses tingle, but it appears one of the world’s most successful and revered architectural firms, Gensler, is involved, so we’re going to reserve judgment in lieu of the kind of tingling we get when somebody proposes a new casino.

Simply put, Gensler is legit.

What we know is Exhibition City is a mixed-use development with three major components: Auto City, Oasis City and Expo City.

Auto City is described as “2.5 million square feet of auto pavilions surrounded by testing tracks, along with retail and a hotel.”

Translation: That’s a metric buttload of feet, square or otherwise.

Exhibition City Las Vegas
We couldn’t find a GoFundMe page for Exhibition City, so that’s probably a good sign.

Oasis City features “extensive retail, a larger hotel combination and an 18,000-seat arena.” As a basis of comparison, that’s about the capacity of T-Mobile Arena when the Vegas Golden Knights play.

Expo City is described as “anchoring” Auto City and Oasis City, and it will have its own hotel and casino.

That sound you hear is us getting warm in our special places. Yes, that makes a sound. It’s probably best to move on.

That’s all the information available about Exhibition City, but even those scant details have our undivided attention.

Exhibition City Las Vegas
They didn’t even mention the fashion pavilion! We are so there.

There’s no mention of who Gesler’s client is, and there’s been no official announcement of the project. There’s a chance that lack of announcement could be an effort to avoid what happened to another very expensive project, Bleutech. Namely, we poked fun at them, and nobody wants that.

The biggest missing piece of information about Exhibition City, of course, is the price tag.

We’ll venture a guess: Two. Billion. Dollars. Give or take a billion.

It’s too early to predict whether this ambitious project will become a reality, but we’re almost always on the side of new and shiny, so we’ll place a judiciously small wager on “yes.”

Because renderings are a terrible thing to waste.