Don’t Be That Guy in Las Vegas, Especially at Christmas

For today’s installment of “Don’t Be That Guy in Las Vegas,” we take a short drive from The Strip to M Resort, one of our favorite places to play and dine and cavort.

M Resort is the only resort in Las Vegas, that we know of, that’s gone full baby Jesus for the holidays.

Nativity scene M Resort
Some believe the star that led the wise men to Bethlehem was a metaphor. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to top a Christmas tree with a metaphor, so a star it is!

Opinions about religion, or the idea of nativity scenes inside casinos, aside, please don’t be the guy that tosses money at baby Jesus for good luck.

Baby Jesus Las Vegas.
Bro, do you see a pole? No. Keep your dollar in your pocket.

Baby Jesus isn’t one of those waving cats, or a fountain, or some kind of wishing well. Take your money and give it to charity. Our two cents.

In marginally-related news, the M Resort’s 44-foot-tall sign looks amazing during the holidays, and it’s animated, too.

M Resort holidays
Who wants to lick it? You go first!