Craig’s Vegan Ice Cream Out at Resorts World, Lady M Confections Is In

There was quite a bit of buzz when Craig’s Vegan Ice Cream opened at Resorts World.

The brand comes from L.A., but not everything that flies in L.A. lands well in Vegas. Craig’s Vegan closes Sept. 4, 2023.

Lady M Confections will take over the space this fall.

The closure of Craig’s Vegan is yet another blow to the lactose intolerant.

This is the part where we humbly and gratuitously remind you we broke the news Resorts World was getting Craig’s Vegan in the first place.

Craig’s is located in The District, a retail and restaurant area at Resorts World that hasn’t really met expectations in terms of foot traffic, from what we’ve seen. There’s easy access from The Strip, but it’s not a part of the Strip where actual people are.

When Craig’s first opened, it appeared the store would fare well, but now, it’s farewell.

This is another gut punch for plant-eaters, as Crossroads Burgers closed at Resorts World as well (Crossroads Kitchen restaurant is still open).

As for what’s next, the official announcement of Lady M Confections says: “The luxury confections brand is known as the creator of the world famous Mille Crepes, an unforgettable cake coupling 20 alternating layers of soft cream and lacy French crepes. Guests can find a variety of signature flavors, seasonal cakes and an assortment of Bon Bon candies. With over two decades of experience making masterfully crafted delights, visitors will have the chance to indulge in Lady M’s world of cakes and confections on the Strip.”

The Lady M Web site says, “Lady M marries French pastry techniques with Japanese sensibilities, resulting in delicate cakes that are a touch sweet and perfect for every occasion.”

Fun fact: Lady M’s name was inspired by the original location of the chain, Madison Ave., along with the fact one of the original owners is named Emi. Read more.

This is the photo Lady M Confections chose to include with the announcement.

It’s not great when the sugar cube is the most appealing thing in the photo.

What the hell were they thinking? This is not how you create interest in your confection shop! Unless your customers are rabbits or golfers.

Now, this is a cake! The Checkers cake is only $108. We are not making this up.

Now, they’ve got our attention.

Lady M also does “statement wedding cakes.” The Chocolate Mille Crepes cake costs $800 and serves 45 really confused guests.

We assume the statement you want to make is, “We already got your wedding gift, we don’t care what you think of the cake.”

We kid! Lady M has been around for decades, and we’re sure it’ll be great. This isn’t a time for snark or stupid questions like, “Who is this place for?” or “Why here?”

We look forward to visiting Lady M if they hold a media event where we will: 1) try to avoid making faces when tasting the cakes, and 2) complain loudly journalists don’t tip at media events and it’s embarrassing.

While The District has challenges, it does have a replica Stardust sign, which is worth seeking out, so there’s that.