We Couldn’t Wait to Get Inside the New O’Sheas Las Vegas

The new O’Sheas at The Quad (and technically, The Linq, since it’s sandwiched between the two) officially opens Dec. 27, 2013.

As you might suspect, we couldn’t wait until the official opening, and decided to accidentally breach security for a look inside the new incarnation of the now-closed O’Sheas casino.

There’s a shiny new sign inside The Quad’s casino heralding the return of an iconic Las Vegas landmark, or something equally overstated.

O'Sheas Las Vegas
That font holds so many fond memories! Many of them we can’t actually remember.

Unfortunately, since O’Sheas isn’t open yet, we couldn’t get any photos of the interior.

Seriously? Have you ever read this blog before? Here’s a look at the inside of the new O’Sheas, including what will soon be a packed bar with a green-clad little person atop it pouring shots into the gaping maws of parched Las Vegas visitors. And this blog, come to think of it.

O'Sheas Las Vegas
Your liver just entered the Federal Witness Protection Program.

Sadly, that was the only photo we could get since we aren’t fond of being tackled by security or receiving body cavity searches.

Who are we trying to kid? We love being tackled, and don’t even get us started about the body cavity searches!

O'Sheas beer pong
A little bit new, a little bit familiar. And notice there’s no carpeting where the beer pong will be played. O’Sheas knows how you are.

That’s right, O’Sheas already has not only an intimate collection of table games, but also some beer pong tables, harkening back to the former O’Sheas glory. And by “former glory,” of course, we mean “a time when college-aged people used beer pong as an excuse to get so plastered they sometimes made sexual overtures toward bar stools.”

Of course, we weren’t going to consider security fully breached until we got a photo of the new O’Sheas felt, so here’s a peek at the shamrock-a-palooza that is the O’Sheas roulette table.

O'Sheas Las Vegas
Who doesn’t want to roll around on this, naked? TMI?

While it’s pretty obvious the new O’Sheas can’t possibly live up to the legendary status of the original, it does appear to have a cozy, approachable vibe which will be an interesting alternative to the expansive casino floors typically found on The Strip.

We’ll be at O’Sheas on opening day, as we were at the former O’Sheas on its closing day. If the new O’Sheas can capture even a little of the O’Sheas magic, this could end up being our go-to casino-bar center-Strip.