Confirmed: Guy Fieri’s Flavortown Sports Kitchen to Open at Horseshoe

This is the part where we mention this news isn’t news if you’ve been paying attention to this blog.

Back in June 2022, we shared Burger Brasserie at Paris/Bally’s (not Horseshoe) would be replaced with a Guy Fieri concept. That was later confirmed, but no name was given for the new concept.

Now, it’s official-official. The new restaurant will be Guy Fieri’s Flavortown Sports Kitchen. Of course it will be sports-themed, it’s the law.

The new restaurant opens this summer.

Please don’t misinterpret this as ridicule. This is from a poster at Guy Fieri’s restaurant, we just added the new logo. We don’t get the 1968, either.

The simultaneously beloved and reviled Guy Fieri did a video to announce his new venture at Horseshoe.

Yes, he’s wearing a shirt with his own name on it. (It’s for his foundation, so approved.) And you guessed it, the new venue will be “immersive.” Also, the law.

Note: Don’t call it the “legendary Horseshoe.” Bally’s has been the Horseshoe for one month. It hasn’t earned “legendary” status yet. Binion’s Horseshoe did, but this a far cry from that. Moving on.

We’ve always liked Fieri’s vibe, and honestly, he has virtually nothing to do with his restaurants. These are licensing deals, which we’ve spoken about a lot, as some are making a killing.

Celebrity deals typically involve the chef, or in the case of Guy Fieri, “chef,” approving the concept, interior design and menu, then they’re out, except for some contractually-obligated appearances (once a year). For their involvement, they take 5% of the venue’s gross revenue. Here’s more about how it all works.

These deals are lucrative, to say the least. Gordon Ramsay, for example, has a number of licensing deals with Caesars Entertainment (owner of Horseshoe) and the relationship generates so much revenue, Ramsay could purchase Finland.

These celebrity-branded restaurants are operated by the Caesars Entertainment food and beverage team, and they tend to do a fantastic job.

Anyhoo, the last time we popped in for a look at the space (which sits on the retail promenade between Paris and the newly-rebranded Horseshoe, beneath a gorgeous stained glass dome), the venue had been stripped down to the bones, a blank slate for Fieri’s new joint.

Due to a feud dating back a decade, when we had the audacity to suggest Britney Spears might lip-sync, the public relations folks at Caesars Entertainment never send us news releases, but we found it, anyway. Spoiling their surprises give us so much joy.

The new Fieri restaurant at Horseshoe was designed by Aria Group Architects, no relation.

The restaurant will seat 279 (oddly specific) guests, and will span 6,540 feet.

The venue will have a 360-degree “island bar with decorative liquor displays and enough LED screens to satisfy any sports fanatic.”

Otherwise, details are light about Guy Fieri’s Flavortown Sports Kitchen.

We trust the menu will feature fun, accessible and elevated bar food. Also known as “American-style cuisine and bold flavors.”

You know, sort of like Burger Brasserie, but with 5% deducted from the gross revenue.

Fieri’s Las Vegas restaurants tend to be underrated. His Guy Fieri’s Vegas Kitchen & Bar at Linq and El Burro Burracho at Rio are very satisfying.

At one point, rumors were El Burro Burracho wouldn’t be back following the pandemic, but it’s still trudging on, despite the challenges of being at Rio. Caesars Entertainment is expected to be out as operator of Rio operations in 2023, so the future of Fieri’s restaurant is undetermined, but likely done.

While Fieri’s new restaurant doesn’t come as a surprise, thanks to the excellence of our sources, it should be a good fit for this space.

The perfuntory sports theme is important for Horseshoe because the sportsbook recently closed, to be replaced by a more profitable video arcade (not kidding), and the Horseshoe “sportsbook” is an underwhelming ticket counter.

Fieri says Horseshoe is the best place in the city to “watch sports and bet.” We love the Horseshoe, but we’re pretty sure Guy Fieri hasn’t actually been there.

Now, sports fans will have a place to gather and loudly mansplain while chowing down on some familiar food and, hopefully, servers wearing revealing cheerleader or referee uniforms.

Given our positive experience at Guy Fieri’s other restaurants in Las Vegas, we’re looking forward to the debut of Guy Fieri’s Flavortown Sports Kitchen at Horseshoe Las Vegas. Despite the sports, obviously.


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