Comedian Vinnie Favorito’s Run Ends at Flamingo Las Vegas

Vinnie Favorito, one of the funniest and most distinctive comedic voices in Las Vegas, is about to go quiet, at least at his longtime home on The Strip, Flamingo Las Vegas.

Insult comic Vinnie Favorito’s final performance at Flamingo is April 4, 2015.

Vinnie Favorito Las Vegas
What the hell, Vinnie?

Caesars Entertainment reps confirmed the sad news today.

As we said, Favorito is truly one of the funniest people in Las Vegas. We know because he recently made our list of the funniest people in Las Vegas, so it must be true.

Favorito performed at Flamingo Las Vegas since 2008, and before that (starting in late 2005) at O’Sheas casino (now part of the Linq Hotel & Casino).

The Boston native has said he began doing comedy to overcome stage fright. He became a regular at the notorious Friars Club roasts (long before Comedy Central roasts became a thing) and the Boston Herald once named Favorito one of Boston’s top 10 comedians. In 1998, he won the San Francisco International Comedy Competition.

Word on the street is the decision to end Favorito’s decade-long run wasn’t mutual. Favorito was given the boot due to gambling debts. The problems are so serious, in fact, they’re likely to result in new lawsuits, in addition to ongoing legal battles.

Yeah, super awkward.

We wish Vinnie Favorito all the best, hope he prevails over his personal demons and we look forward to seeing him pop up again somewhere in Las Vegas, although the more we learn about the reason for the show ending, that seems less and less likely.

On the night of his last show at Flamingo, Favorito made his feelings clear about his former employer (it was an f-bomb-a-palooza), Caesars Entertainment, and said he’d be making a debut at another Las Vegas resort soon. The odds don’t appear to be in his favor.