Circa’s Vegas Vickie Costume Contest Was a Tribute to an Enduring Icon

Las Vegas is replete with costume contests on Halloween, but one stood out this year.

Circa offered an impressive $10,000 in its Vegas Vickie costume contest, and contestants rose to the occasion.

Full disclosure: We had the honor (sorry, duty) of being among the Vegas Vickie contest judges, mainly because we have to make everything about us.

Vegas Vickie Circa contest
So much Vickie, so much snowball’s chance in hell, so don’t get your hopes up.

There were a wide array of takes on the famous Vegas Vickie statue which now adorns Circa  resort.

Vickie previously sat above the Glitter Gulch strip club on Fremont Street. Let’s just say several of the contestants nodded to that history. Ahem.

Vegas Vickie, on her Fremont Street perch. She was refurbished for Circa, with some enhancements. No, really. We asked Yesco.

It was actually fun seeing the various interpretations of Vegas Vickie. Some costumes were elaborate, some sexy, some went for authenticity, replicating Vickie’s cowgirl outfit down to the smallest details.

Circa Tweeted some highlights.

We hear this guy built this costume for his girlfriend, but it didn’t fit, so he forged ahead.

In the end, the other judges agreed with our top pick.

The winner: Misti Lund.

Lund’s costume stood out for its 3,000 illuminated jewels.

After the event, Lund shared that she’d spent 115 hours making her costume.

Thanks to Circa for the great pic. Misti nailed it.

In a heartwarming twist, Misti Lund said she’s going to use the $10,000 prize for her local nonprofit, Answer4Cancer.

As a judge, it was truly gratifying to hear that, despite not knowing about Lund’s plans prior to the voting.

Lund had a sash saying, “Mrs. City of Lights,” which we didn’t know was a thing, but it seems she’s competed in beauty pageants here in Las Vegas.

Lund gets her bigass check from Circa’s Michael Printy, Director of Concierge Operations (at right) and David Rosborough, Circa’s V.P. of Operations and All Things Booze.

The turnout for the Vegas Vickie contest was strong with about 30 aspiring Vickies in attendance.

Bonus points for the contestant who distributed small bottles of liquor as she passed by the judge’s table. Some people just get Vegas.

Props to Circa for saving this classic sign and making her a focal point inside the casino.

This contestant was a close second and a fan favorite.

This costume contest was obviously a public relations play, but it also fits with honoring and highlighting Vegas Vickie’s place in Vegas history and lore.

Contestants may have had their eyes on the prize, but they were also paying homage to a timeless symbol of Las Vegas and downtown.

You can’t dress like Vickie and not have fun. It’s the law.

Big thanks to Circa for letting us help judge the contest, and we look forward to personally interviewing each and every contestant at some point. For, you know, research.

Yes, even the dudes (there were two). They were hysterical.

Hey, the prize was $10k. Bonus points for the tat.

Vegas Vickie is a must-see photo op in downtown Las Vegas.

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