Beware the Strip Cocktail Scam, Courtesy of Haute Doggery at The Linq

There’s a lot of great stuff at the Linq pedestrian promenade, but this isn’t that.

This scam comes courtesy of Haute Doggery restaurant.

Take a look at this eye-catching sign.

Haute Doggery shrimp scam
Awesome, right? Guess again.

Old Vegas? Shrimp cocktail for a buck? We’re all over it!

So, we stroll into Haute Doggery and order a $1 shrimp cocktail, at which point we’re asked, “Sure, which entree would you like?”

“Just the $1 shrimp cocktail, thanks,” we naively say.


Come to find out, this offer is a scam. You can only get the $1 shrimp cocktail if you order an entree which can run from $5 for a plain hot dog to around $12 for a burger. See the menu.

As our eye-rolling went into high gear, and headed for the door, we did note some small print on the sign, discernible to the human eye almost exclusively with a high-powered microscope.

Haute Doggery
Whether it’s a scam or just shady, neither of those things is good.

Shame on you, Haute Doggery. You’re wasting everyone’s time while looking desperate, too.

The secret to success in Las Vegas is providing a great product at a value. It’s not rocket science.

Haute Doggery
If it were “old Vegas,” this scam would result in someone’s head in a vice.

Update: One of our loyal Twitter followers, GrumpyCup, passed along this take on the Haute Doggery sign and we think it’s spot-on.

Haute Doggery sign
This is the age of social media, where dipshittery does not go unnoticed.